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House Spirit

Greg Wilkinson, Victoria, Australia
September 2000

I would have been about 10 years of age and living in my parents house in Melbourne, Australia. I am now 45 and quite sane but I still recall a couple of sightings in this house.

The first one occurred when I woke up at night for no apparent reason. I have no idea what the time was, although I did hear some roosters crowing from nearby properties so I guess it may have been close to dawn. Keeping in mind that the room was very dark, I sat up in my bed and looked towards my bedroom door and saw what I thought was the outline of a human figure in white. Straight away I panicked and hid my head under the bed covers. I find the next part of the story rather strange.
As I lay in my bed, totally petrified, I could hear what sounded like material being dragged over my bedroom carpet towards my bed and it stopped when it got to my bedhead. I cannot understand this because I thought spirits had no material content. However, after some time I slowly peeked out the top of my covers and I saw a white figure with eyes made up of round circles and dots in the middle and no mouth or nose to speak of. I slowly retreated under my covers again and after a while, I don't know how long, the carpet noise occurred and the spirit had gone, probably to my brothers bedroom.

The second occasion occurred on Christmas morning about 12 months later. Being a child and eager to see what I had under the Christmas tree, I woke up about 4.00 AM and as I was leaving my bedroom I could see a white figure blocking my view of the kitchen stove whilst I was walking to the loungeroom. The figure would have been about 5 feet tall. I was fully awake and I am certain of what I saw. I crept to my brothers room and told him what I saw and when we returned the figure had gone.

As my brother and myself grew into teenagers and started going out to dances and parties and coming home at odd hours at night, these figures were never seen again. I am now a married man with teenage children and I still believe I saw spirits as a child. My parents still live in the same house.

Greg Wilkinson, Victoria, Australia
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