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Nora, Ontario, Canada
July 2002

This happened while I was working in a barn in Yorkshire, England.

I just got out of college and wanted to travel the world. This barn was in a privately owned town it was really old and scary. On my first day of work I had gotten to know the staff and horses. They were all really nice people but they forgot to tell me one thing... The barn was haunted.

During lunch break I needed to go to the washroom (yes you need to know that). The washroom was in the old part of the barn. While I was washing my hands I felt something cold around my waist as if someone was hugging me. I screamed and ran out. I didn't tell anyone because they would think I was crazy. The next time I used the "little girls room" I stayed there to see if it would happen again, sure enough there it was again. When I got home I did some research on the little town and barn. I came across an old newspaper dated back to the 1800's. I found out that a little boy was hung in the rafters before there was a washroom there. He was hung because some robbers were hiding out in the barn and the little stable boy spotted them and was going to tell the police.

I worked there for about 5 more years and I still remember the feeling of the icy hug.

Nora, Ontario, Canada
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