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Humming Angela

Sarah, London, UK
August 2009

Growing up, I was never really a believer in ghosts. I was always doubtful about the paranormal, and I always tried to find logical explanations for strange happenings. But there was no logical explanation for this house.

A few years back, I bought a house just outside of Kent, UK, in an isolated area. It was a fixer-upper, but it had a lot history, which I was fond of. It was pretty small, with two bedrooms on the first floor, a bathroom that connected to one of the bedrooms, a small but inviting living room and a cute tiny kitchen. The stairs twirled upwards to the second floor, where there was a small bedroom with a sitting window and a bathroom that connected to it.

I had just divorced my first husband, and was moving in with my nine year old daughter Raleigh and my sixteen year old son William. They were as ecstatic about the house as myself, which was relieving.

So once we were deciding rooms, Raleigh took the small room upstairs while William and I took the rooms on the main floor. I took the one with the bathroom, and he chose the one across the hall from me.

The first time I noticed anything, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when I heard my daughter upstairs talking to someone. I assumed it was my son, but he was in the living reading a book. I went upstairs to find Raleigh sitting on her bed, just finishing talking to the window when she turned to face me as I entered her room. Confused, I asked, "Who are you talking to?" and she replied, "Angela." Assuming it was her imaginary friend, I just brushed it off and didn't think anything of it.

The following week, it was midnight when I was sleeping and my son entered the room saying he thought Raleigh was upstairs thumping about, and he asked me to tell her to stop, since her bedroom was right above his. Tired, I got up to check on her, and as I entered her room, and I found she was fast asleep. There were no sounds of footsteps, just silence. Puzzled, I went downstairs and told William she was fast asleep. He swore he heard footsteps, but we ended up just going back to bed.

A few days later, I came home from grocery shopping to hear arguing in the kitchen. I assumed it was Raleigh and William arguing over something, so I made my way through the living room to the kitchen, to find the arguing disappeared, and no one present. This bothered me, but I convinced myself it was the tele in Williams room, and he had just simply turned it off.

Later that night, I was cutting vegetables for dinner, when I started to hear faint coughing. I stopped my knife for a moment and listened, but I heard nothing. As I shrugged and continued cutting, I heard the coughing again, this time louder, and harder. Worried, I looked in the other room hoping to find the kids, but I reminded myself the kids were out in the backyard playing football.
Nervously, I continued on with dinner, and did not hear the coughing again until I was setting the table. This time it was continuous, and sounded as if someone was awfully sick. I thought the sound was coming from the living room, but to my dismay, no one was there. I turned on the tele to ease my nerves, and I did not hear the coughing for the remainder of the night. The same occurrences happened over the next two weeks, coincidentally around the same times.

One evening, I was taking a shower and once I got out my son approached me with a frightened look on his face. I asked him what happened, and he said that when he looked into Raleigh's room, he swore he saw a little girl sitting on the windowsill. He said when he looked at Raleigh sleeping and then back at where the little girl was, she had disappeared. I told him it was dark, and his eyes could've been playing tricks on him. Doubtfully, he went to bed, not saying another word.

One day, I was doing the laundry in the back room of the main floor when I started to hear humming. I brushed it off the first time, but it started to get louder and louder until it broke out into a lullaby. I couldn't make out the words nor recognize the tune, so I was certain it was an old lullaby. I went upstairs to put Raleigh's laundry in her room, and as I stepped up the stairs, the humming got louder. I felt a cold chill as I opened Raleigh's door, and as I stepped in the humming stopped. The room was awfully cold, unusually, and it was only the middle of September. Shivering, I put Raleigh's clothes away, and then I felt the need to escape that room. Shutting the door behind me and heading downstairs, the humming continued on for about five minutes before it died out completely. By that time, I was leaving to pick up the kids from school.

A few weeks after that incident, I was tucking Raleigh into bed, and as I turned to head for the door I saw a little girl on the sitting window. She wasn't looking at me, but through the dim light of the nightlight I could see blonde hair and an old fashioned dress that stopped at her knees. She was wearing long white socks and black buckled shoes. I realized she was in the exact same spot William described her to be in. Nervously I asked who she was, and as she turned towards me I noticed tears down her cheeks, and she replied by saying "I don't like needles."

Suddenly she vanished, and I took Raleigh out of bed and had her sleep with me. The next few weeks I was determined to find a new house, and as I did this Raleigh began to get ill. She was throwing up and she had caught a fever, saying she was cold, but her body felt hot to the touch. Worried, I decided to move in with my mother across town, and rapidly she began to get better.

I called the last few owners of the house and compared experiences, and they all said the same things, except that none of them had kids, and they did not have the same incident where someone became ill. I asked for the history on the house, and when the results came, I discovered there had been a child by the name of Angela that had passed away due to illness during the mid-1940's. I could not explain the arguing, but it sounded like adults, so I assumed it could very well have been her parents.

I never went back to that house, fearing for the health of my kids, and later I found out that last owners of the house moved away due to the same experiences.
I only hope that girl will find peace.

Sarah, London, UK
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