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Hunted By The Shadows

Jennifer, TX, USA
October 2012

This is a very true event that happened to me about eight months ago. I have had so many strange and even scary things happen to me especially in my adult life. I'm not even going to try and find a reason for any of it anymore. It's just to much and I don't think it would do anything but possibly frustrate me more. This is by far the most terrifying thing I have ever been through in my entire life. I have lived with a tormenting spirit before but this was so much different. Here is my story.

I had been talking to a friend earlier that day about the Book of Enoch. I had found it to be very entertaining and I told my friend I thought it would make a nice base for a story. My friend agreed and we started to throw around different ideas. That night I stayed up later than usual writing a few pages of the new book. I got tired around midnight so I decided to go to bed. My husband was already asleep so I quietly got in bed, but he was a light sleeper so he woke up and put his arm around me an I fell asleep like that. I always have a fan blowing on me at night and this night it was on the night stand next to my side of the bed. It was exactly 2:22 am when I woke up and I opened my eyes like I was suddenly wide awake. I do not know why but I didn't move my body when I woke up. Only my eyes and my attention went right to the fan. It began to make a buzzing sound that reminds me of the sound a fan makes when its in a window or something and a gust of wind from outside blows and pushes through the back of it making it work harder for a moment. As the fan made that buzzing sound a blast of arctic air hit me. The instant it touched my skin I was terrified. I thought how strange it was for me to be afraid for no apparent reason and then the buzzing noise came back all the sudden. This time when the cold air hit me I was not only terrified but I realized I couldn't move. I panicked and screamed to wake my husband who was inches away from my finger tips but nothing came out. I could hear myself screaming in my own head. I could move my eyes and I opened them as wide as I could and looked all around the room. I can not explain to you at how I knew there was three energies in my room because I could not see them. I was so scared I could feel tears running from my eyes and dripping into my ears and hair. I shut my eyes tight and tried to focus on moving my fingers or trying to speak. My right hand was so close to my husbands bare back and all I could think about was trying to move my finger enough to scratch him so he would wake up. The buzzing sound started again but this time it was louder and continuous.

As scared as I was at that point I was shocked how I was suddenly blasted with a stronger feeling of horror than before. It was as if the fear was being put on me instead of me willing being afraid on my own. I began to feel something get on my bed and I could feel the weight of it as it balanced itself on either side of my feet. I closed my eyes again and I started to pray for help. I didn't know what else to do but when I opened my eyes it had moved even farther up my body. It seemed to be purposely moving in slow motion like it was delighting in the fear it was causing me. I could feel in my heart that whatever this thing was it was the opposite of anything that was good. I knew without a doubt that it was there to cause me harm in some way. I knew that positively without any type of communication from it. Suddenly at that point I saw in the right corner of my room a very tall black hooded shadow. It was somehow blacker than pitch black and I could feel it starring at me like it wanted to hurt me so badly. I got a thought pop into my head at that moment that told me it hated me with a passion I could not conceive.

I closed my eyes again and I started begging for help in my head. I began to work harder to try and move some part of my body or make any kind of sound. It was like gravity had me pinned down because I couldn't feel any type of hands holding me. The pressure than had me paralyzed was even all over my body. When I opened my eyes again I was crying so hard I could barely see but I could feel something touch me over my bra and the panic became so bad then that I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. The thing in the corner hadn't moved so I knew it was the shorter thing that was crawling its way up my body. When I closed my eyes this time I'm not sure but I believe the desperation inside me just burst. I saw an explosion of pink light behind my eyes and I saw a hand reach down like it wanted me to grab it. When I reached out to take the hand all the sudden I heard a loud screeching and when I opened my eyes the things were gone. I still couldn't move yet though and it took me a few minutes to even be able to lift my arm enough to try and push my husband awake. He didn't wake up and as I began to regain my function I shook him harder but he would only mumble at best. I still couldn't speak at all though and so after failing to wake him I finally decided to get up and run for the light switch.

I knew those horrible things had gone but I was still so scared I hadn't stopped shaking. My hair was soaked from crying and my legs felt like rubber when I ran almost making me fall over. I jumped back across the room once I had turned on the light and I sat up in the bed to terrified to even try to think about what had just happened. I looked over at the clock next to me and it said 4:22am. I couldn't believe I had been fighting that thing for two whole hours. It seemed like about 20 minutes had passed by at the most. I did not even attempt to go back to sleep and as soon as the sun came up I went to the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea to try and calm my nerves. All that day I could barely speak. I sounded very hoarse and it took great effort to make any sound at all.

My husband woke with scratches and marks from where I tried to get him to wake up but he swears he didn't remember a thing. In fact he says he sleep very well that night. He is normally a very light sleeper so I am positive those things had put him in such a deep sleep so he couldn't be woken up to interrupt what they were trying to do. I sleep with the light on for about a month but those creatures or spirits or whatever they had been did not come back again.

We moved about 4 months later to the house I'm at now and I felt so happy to be away. I never felt safe in that house after that happened that night. Then last week I woke up and saw a short human shaped shadow like thing standing in my bedroom doorway just looking at me. I don't know why but I felt overpowered by sleep a second later and the next thing I remember was waking up. I am so afraid it will try to come back again and I am so angry that it has followed me here. I know I cant do anything to defend myself and that makes me even angrier. I will have to wait and see what happens next.

Thank you for reading.

Jennifer, TX, USA
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