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Husband Satisfied, All's fine

Dabra Huffstutler, Alabama, USA
January 2000

This story actually happened to my mother.

Our family has always had a connection to the other side, but this one really stands out.

My Father died July 15, 1993 and exactly one month and a day later my oldest brother's wife died.

They lived in California, we in South Carolina. My brother called and asked my mother if she could fly out and help him with the arrangements and their two small children.

After the funeral, they came back home so the children could say good-bye to their friends, as they were leaving the next day to come to S.C. My brother had gone to get things ready and my mother was cleaning up and fixing something to eat. The backdoor to the garage opened, my mother thought it was the kids coming back, when she turned around, she saw my father walking towards her. She was not afraid as she has seen many ghosts in her life.

My father had a habit of dusting off my mothers shoulder and leaning on it when he was satisfied with anything. He walked up to her and did just that and said,"Well babe, I'm satisfied." Turned and walked out and my mother has never seen or felt him since.

You see, this was a Step-son for my mother and they never really got along like my father always wanted. So I guess he finally got his wish and just wanted my mother to know he was happy about it.

These things have happened to all of us (13) all our lives.

Ghosts really do exist, most only need help crossing over.

Dabra Huffstutler, Alabama, USA
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