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Husbands Copy Cat

Mona Lisa Rosenblatt, GA, USA
May 2004

Here is what happened:

I was taking a nap during the day one week day and I awoke (why I woke up at that particular moment I don't know) to my husband standing beside my bed. Strangely enough he was drinking a 20 ounce soda (of course in a bottle) and shaking his hips back and forth as if to say "ha ha I have a soda and you don't!" you know like a child would I suppose. Immediately I became aggravated, I sat up and yelled "Louis go away and leave me alone!!" I watched, fully awake and right before my eyes, my "husband" started to disappear from the feet up in a fashion that looked digital! I began to be able to see that "he" was made of little squares and they were quickly disappearing from his feet up until he was completely gone! I have NEVER been so freaked out in all of my life!!

The other thing about this vision was that it was completely deathly silent. There was no sound at all and it was almost like there was a vacuum or as though the thing itself made everything around it even more silent, for example my fan that was beside my bed didn't seem to be making a sound. I immediately went upstairs and called him on his cell. He was (and had been all day) in Alabama working! (He is a railroad supervisor).

So the things I know for sure are 1. That "thing" was NOT my husband. 2. I was definitely awake and not dreaming because I went directly upstairs after seeing "it". 3. I know the everyday term for these things are "doppelgangers".

I want to know more. What exactly is behind a "dopelganger"? What or who is it that makes them occur? Also if anyone is an expert on these things I would be interested to know why it chose to immitate my husband and why the dorky childish "soda dance"? I have seen paranormal things in the past but to see evidence of a ghost makes sense, you know what they are and pretty much where they come from, but this thing (dopelganger) is just too bizarre to me! I want to know more.

You know what creeps me out the most about it.....I wonder how long "it" stood over me while I was sleeping before I sensed it and woke up and saw it!!

Mona Lisa Rosenblatt, GA, USA
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