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I'll Never Forget

Cathy, NC, USA
May 2005

Reading this site has made me want to share my experience with a house I lived in when I was 14-15 years old.

My family and I moved into the house in 1984, an old 2 story house that had been remodeled. My parents slept in the master bedroom downstairs, while the 2 rooms upstairs were used by us kids, my 3 brothers sharing the largest while I had the smaller bedroom being the only girl.

I don't really recall when the strange things started happening, I just know that they did.

First thing I noticed that creeped me out was my walk in closet, every time I shut the doors to it, they would always be open a crack whenever I turned around. I couldn't keep them shut and always had the feeling that something was watching me from inside the closet. I thought it was just my imagination and shook it off.

Maybe 2 weeks after we had moved in, I was lying on my bed reading a book, listening to music on my radio when the radio stopped playing. I got up, walked over to it to see why and I noticed that the switch was turned off. Somehow my radio just turned off without me doing it.

After that, more strange things happened, such as my mom hearing what sounded like furniture being moved around in my room when I wasn't home, going to investigate and finding all my dresser drawers opened and having to close them. Hearing something or someone fall down the stairs, but finding nothing there.

Another strange incident involving my radio happened when a cousin was staying the night with me.

She woke up to my radio playing, which she really thought nothing of till she saw that it was unplugged, then waking me up crying because it scared her so bad.

Last thing to happen was when one of my brothers woke up and heard a loud noise coming from my room, when he went to investigate he found me sleeping while my bed was bouncing up and down off the floor. Running downstairs he woke my mom who then came upstairs, woke me up and dragged me out of bed and took me downstairs to sleep on the couch. What was really strange to me was the fact I was more irritated about being woken up than scared that my bed was jumping up and down on the floor, I have no idea why it didn't wake me up.

After that my parents decided it was best to move, and we moved out about a month later.

After having moved, my then 12 year old brother said that some nights something that came out of my room would come stand at the end of his bed and breath really hard, scaring him so bad he couldn't move.

I've never had any more experiences after we moved, but those I will never forget.

Cathy, NC, USA
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