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I'll See You in a Bit

Kevin, Alberta, Canada
June 1998

This story to my knowledge is absolutely true. The reason why it is true is because I experienced it first hand. I will never forget this event as long as I live.

I attended the University of Alberta 3 years ago. During this time, I made a lot of friends. But non was a better friend then my best friend Cindy. Cindy was a very intelligent and beautiful young woman. She was majoring in Microbiology and was always fascinated with movies. We would always hang at pizza joints and go to the movies. We both liked the same food, same music, and occasionally the same type of clothes (as in fashion). Cindy was also somewhat of a daredevil. She liked extreme sports. I guess anything with an adrenaline rush.

One day, Cindy and I were attending a party. She got kinda drunk and wanted to drive home. I wouldn't let her so I told my friend Chad to drive her. Chad agreed, but it was much convincing before Cindy would agree. Finally, she went...but before she left, she said to me "I'll see you in a bit...". I responded, "Try not to puke all over Chad's car, will ya?!" because I was rather worried about her drunken state. I had planned to tell her I really liked hanging with her, and had hoped to ask her to be my girl. We've been on so many "friendly dates" that it's no surprise an attraction had developed between us.

That night I got home at around 12:40am. I laid on the couch and decided to watched a bit of TV before I went to bed. The phone suddenly rang, I answered and it was Cindy! I asked what was wrong and she responded "nothing...everything's fine now". I knew she was using her cell phone because of the static so I assumed that she was stuck somewhere. Thoughts raced through my mind, "Did Chad try something on her??...Is she hurt??...". I then asked if she was in trouble and needed me to pick her up. She replied, "No, no I'm fine. I just called to say I'm fine, and to say I'm sorry. I should have listened to you..." I was really confused, but I told her it was ok, and whatever she did I was willing to forgive. She said "Thanks, I knew you would. Love ya buddy...hey, I'll see you in a bit...". Just then the connection was cut. I repeated my hellos, but got no response. I was relieved, for that is the way we assured each other that they were all right. "I'll see you in a bit..." has become our phrase, our understanding that other partner is fine. As soon as I set the phone down it rang again. I picked it up and to my amazement it was Chad. I was about to question him what happened, but Chad frantically told me to come to the hospital. I asked why, he just responded "It's bad Kev, Cindy decided to drive herself home and...I tried Kev, believe me I tried. Kev, she's...she's". I knew then what Chad was about to say. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

The accident took place at 12:02am.

Cindy died at 12:30am on the way to the hospital.

I broke down and wept.

I still visit her in the cemetery once in awhile. And through these 3 years I have never dated another. I figured she came back to say her goodbyes to me that night, and that the accident was something that should never have happened. As I lay the flowers on her tombstone, I would always say my little farewells before I walked away, "I'll love you always Cindy. I'll see you in a bit..."

Kevin, Alberta, Canada
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