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I'm Alone...So Who's Upstairs?

Sammy, UK
July 2004

It was about 4 years ago, so I would of been 12. My mum and dad went next door to a birthday party so I was left in my house, downstairs in the living-room, with the company of a big bag of crisps and a rented video. I was quite happy there and wasn't really scared of the dark. I cant quite remember the time but I know it was late. I haven't got any pets or brothers/sisters so I knew no-one else was in the house apart from me.

Well, after about 45mins into the film I heard a loud bang upstairs like a brick being slammed on the floor. Of course it made me jump, and I can tell you now I have never been so frightened in my life. The first thought that went through my mind was that there was a burglar. So I got up and turned the light on, I left the living room and went to the bottom of the stairs. The lights weren't on in the rest of the house, I didn't want to turn the lights on just in case it was a burglar. My dad kept a golf club behind the front door so I picked it up and waited to see if I could hear anything. I waited for about 5 mins, then I heard a noise like someone was rummaging through some plastic bags. If it was a burglar, he wont hurt me because I'm only a little girl. So I started going up the stairs, The rustling of the bags started again but more quiet. I went strait to my room and turned the light on, that way I could see everything much more clearly. I looked in every room and there was nothing, all the windows were shut. I went back into my mum and dads room and on the floor were some empty plastic bags. It was darker in mum and dads room because there room was further away from mine. After convincing myself there was nothing there, I SAW a hand against the wall I was facing. Still holding the golf club I ran downstairs and outside. I was crying by then and started calling my mum. She didnt hear me so I had to knock on the next door neighbours door. Debbie (the woman who's birthday it was) wanted to know what was wrong but I just wanted my mum.

When I told her she didn't believe me and asked me if I was dreaming. Debbie who had lived in the house next to ours for many years, and we had only lived in our house about 2 years, told my mum and dad that the people who lived there before us were a quite a young couple. The mother of the woman that lived there went very ill and would see things that weren't really there. The daughter had refused to put her in any kind of home so she went to live in the house with the couple where she passed away.

Sammy, UK
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