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I'm Alright Now

Billy Kang, Michigan, USA
October 2005

This experience happened to me in seventh grade. Now I am a freshman in college.

One night my father came home late and told us that my grandmother had cancer. I didn't know how to react to this news. She was the only grandparent that I had ever met and soon I was going to lose her. I was angry with God and didn't want her to leave.

Unfortunately, a few months later, she finally succumbed to the cancer and passed away. For a few nights I was angry and refused to talk to anyone who tried to comfort me. I felt defeated and depressed and lost all faith in anything anymore, especially my religion.

Then one night, I was sleeping and I had a dream that changed my life forever.

I was back at my grandma's funeral (she had buried that same day). Then everything went black except my and the coffin. She got out of her coffin and started to rise. I chased after her only to just lose her touch. I fell down weeping when she gave me her hand and took me with her to heaven. She took me around heaven with her and a man I knew was my deceased grandpa who I had never met. She showed me that she was alright and that I could live my life knowing she appreciated everything I tried to do for her in her last months. Then I'm taken back to the funeral.

I awoke in a cold sweat at that moment. There sitting on the dresser was her rosary I had put away in her drawer. I started to put it away when I felt a breeze even though the window was tightly shut. I put her rosary on the bedpost where it stays to this say. That night I never went back to sleep and cried.

This day, I know that she is watching over me and I am never alone even in my dorm room.

Thank you for reading my story and may others know that they are never alone either.

Billy Kang, Michigan, USA
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