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I'm Over Here

Virginia, USA
May 1999

Afriend of mine told me this story and I have no reason to doubt her. She has never lied to me or anyone I know and I've known her for 12 years. Having said that I shall proceed.

I asked her one night after a few rum and cokes if she had ever had any experience with ghosts or spirits and the following is what she related to me.

The story takes place in Chesapeake Virginia on the back roads of Virginia beach between what is called Deep Creek and the North Carolina border.

"One Friday night I was out with my boyfriends and our friends driving around in his pick up truck. There were a few people in the back and I was in the cab. We where on the back roads of Virginia beach close to the Dismal swamp. These roads are surrounded by woods and stretch out for miles in all directions. You can drive down these roads and not see any structures for miles just woods and swamps.

All of sudden I heard a voice in my head saying "help me I'm over here". I Immediately told my boyfriend to slow down. He looked and me strangely and seeing how adamant I was soon complied. After about a mile or so the voice told me to pull over and stop the truck so I instructed my boyfriend to stop the truck and pull over. After we pulled over and everyone was wondering what was going on I told them that there is a dead body of a girl in the woods. The girl proceeded to tell me that she was just in the woods about 30 feet off the road. I told my boyfriend that a dead girl was just in the woods 30 feet ahead. So he and a friend of ours went into the woods and sure enough found the body of a decomposing girl of about 18.

We called the police who came out and then the medical examiner. We were told to wait. Then the police started questioning us about how we found the girl. I told them that she led me to her. Needless to say they took us down town and grilled us all night long and held us as suspects until it was obvious that we had nothing to do with the girl. Apparently she had been strangled and left in the woods approximately a month prior to us finding her. The cops still were calling us in and questioning us about the girl six months later apparently they never found her killer and I don't think the dead girl knew who it was or she would of told me.

Virginia, USA
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