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I'm the Centre of Attention?

Rachael, Lancashire, UK
June 2010

In my family it seems that only the females, apart from my brother have had any real other worldly interactions, maybe the men seem to be more skeptical than the women, my generation in the family (me, my sister & female cousins) seem to encounter the most, but today I will be telling you about what I witness.

I live in a town called Wigan in Lancashire, England. Our house is fairly new, about 10 years old so having spirits connected to the house seems unlikely, however where my house is used to be factories. There is still an old factory behind my house now used as a storage facility. So I can only presume the "spirits" are connected to the factories or the workers who worked there.

When I first moved into the house I was 6 years old, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The first ever strange thing to happen was about a year later. My mum and step-dad had gone out and me and my sister who at the time was 10, and our baby sitter who was around 17 were the only people in the house. It was around 2am and I randomly woke up, as I was awake I decided to go to the toilet, only as soon as I walked into the bathroom I heard a HUGE bang. It was so loud it was almost like a wardrobe or something of similar size and weight fallen over. It SHOULD have woken anyone up as it was so loud. I was so scared I ran to my baby sitters room and told her all about what I heard only she of course didn't believe me but decided to stand outside the bathroom door whilst I went to the toilet. I went to sleep that night and nothing else strange happened.

As the years pass in my house only little things happen, such as when I was around 11 when I would go to sleep at night I could hear my washing basket handles bang against the side of the washing basket as if someone was pulling them upwards then slamming them down, but every time I looked the sound stopped and the washing basket was motionless.

Sometimes at night hearing as if furniture is moving downstairs but nothing is out of the ordinary when I go down there, that is until one day me my sister and mum came downstairs to see all the furniture in the conservatory had moved into different positions but none of us had moved it.

To be honest after the bathroom incident there was never any big happenings until I got around 16 for some odd reason. After turning 16 that's when things started to act up more and more. I would hear people shout my name and I would go to my family members only to find out no one had called my name, then I heard my name being shouted when no one was home, which creeped my out more, they/it knew my name?

As I got to the age of 17, even more happened. Kettles in my house would randomly switch on; things in the kitchen would fall of the units or table. I even once late at night alone, heard an inhuman growl, so deep it sounded more like an animal but then it turned into a manly scream, almost like a scream of anger or pain, but as soon as I shut the door it stopped.

What really got me which I found funny was at night time around 3am I was fast asleep only to be woken up by being hit in the face by my TV remote. I woke up confused as my remote was on my desk on the OPPOSITE side of the room.

After that, things have seemed to calm down for now. At most when I'm downstairs mostly alone I will hear something or someone going through my drawers and cupboards in my room only, I know this as my room is the only one with wooden flooring so sound travels easier, than being muffled by carpet so I can only be my room as you can't hear things like that from anyone else's room.

What I don't seem to understand is why the spirit/spirits only seem to be interested in me, nothing ever seems to happen to my other family members.

Rachael, Lancashire, UK
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