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I've Always Had That Feeling

Jesika, CA, USA
January 2005

Hi. My name is Jesika.I am 15 and currently live in Sacramento, California. Through-out my entire life I have gone through many experiences with ghosts and other paranormal happenings, and I will tell you of everything I can possibly remember. I`ll go ahead and start with my most recent experiences.

It began about a year after my moom and I moved into our current home(We have been living here about four or five years now).I had fallen ill with a bad cold one day, and that night I was having the worst time falling asleep.One reason was, of course, because I was feeling terrible from the sickness, but also because my room was so cold that no matter how many blankets i piled over myself, I was still practically shivering!Out of curiosity,I asked my mom if she had maybe turned on the air-conditioner, but her reply was that she had the heater on all day, and didn`t see how my room could possibly be so cold.

I didn`t think much of it, and at around 3:00 am or so I decided to at least try and get some sleep.Just as I was about to get warm and comfortable, I started to get a really strong feeling that someone else was in the room.I tried not to pay attention, but eventually I started getting a little uneasy.After my room being mysteriously freezing cold and now feeling like someone else was in there, I didn`t want to see more.

" Okay, I`m going downstairs!" I said to myself, and I hopped quickly out of bed.As I turned to reach for the doorknob, I suddenly found myself frozen, unable to move. There, sitting in the corner by my door, was a girl. Her back was up close against the wall and her knees were up to her chin. The only thing I can really remember about her appearance was that she was wearing a yellow shirt, and had semi-long, dark hair that appeared to be wet.She didn't look too young, maybe late teens.

I stood there just staring at her. I couldn`t move! Something about her, though ,didn`t seem so bad. Usually in my past experiences I always sensed something negative or evil.All I really sensed from her was just calm and quiet, almost comforting maybe. Yet I was still afraid, I mean, wouldn`t you be?
After about maybe ten seconds of doing just that, she then looked up at me and smiled.My heart did a little leap.I wanted to run out my bedroom door, but since she was right by it, I didn`t want to go NEAR it!

As quick as I could, I hopped back into my bed and threw the covers over my head. I stayed that way for what seemed like forever, and when I finally got up the nerve to get back up, she was gone. The strange thing about it was that after she left, my room went from the freezing temperature that it had been for the past few hours, to warm and normal.Before it went back to normal, It was cold for about another minute or so, but she wasn't there. Since then I haven't really seen the girl again, not in the way I did that night at least. Yet I can sense her sometimes, and I know so because during those times I get the same feelings i got that night.Calm and comforting.Which actually leads to my next experience.

~*It was about a week ago. I was sitting at the computer talking to some friends. My mom was out with some of her own friends, so I was home alone.It was alone just a really cold night, since it`s just that time of year again. So, after shaking in the computer chair for a good half hour, I decided to put on a sweater.

After returning from doing so, I sat back down at the computer and continued chatting.Almost immediately I noticed it was starting to get a little colder than it had been a few moments before,and thought it a little strange. Suddenly, I felt this really cold sensation on my right hand, like ice being rubbed all over it, and then it suddenly turned really warm, almost hot, and this strange feeling of warmth and comfort came over my hand and then my entire body.It lasted about a minute or so, and then it just kind of faded away.

Now, I thought about possibly linking it to my sweater being what warmed me,but I realized that couldn`t have been possible because the hand in which I first had the feeling on was not in my sweater, but was out in the open and on the keyboard.Plus, there is no way my sweater could have possibly warmed me up so quickly and powerfully because I barely had it on two minutes, and the amount of warmth and the feelings I also got were in no way possible from the sweater.

~* My Stereo *~

I have come to find that my house ghost has an obsession with my stereo.Once in a while I`ll be listening to music, and suddenly the stations will start changing and stop on this certain oldies station.More than once I have been sitting in my room , when suddenly my stereo will turn on and the stations will start switching around,or if I`m listening to it , it will sometimes turn off.A few times while listening to it, it has gone from FM to AM just out of the blue.

The one thing about their stereo obsession that really got to me was when on a few occasions I had fallen asleep with my music on. I would wake up in the middle of the night to the feeling that someone was watching me, and, noticing that the music was no longer playing, I would look over to my stereo and see that it had been completely unplugged.

I would try and find a reasonable explanation for it and ask my mom the next day if she had done it.Her only replies were that she hadn`t even known it was on in the first place.I think deep down I really knew it wasn`t` her.I mean, why would she unplug it instead of just simply turning it off? That just doesn`t make sense.That happened about three times all together.

~*The Not-So-Friendly encounters *~

As I said before, the girl I have sensed most sends off a comforting and kind vibe. Unfortunately not everything in this house is as nice.

~* the stairs*~

My stairs are kind of hard to explain.First there is one flight of 10 stairs going up one way. It then comes to a landing area about 7 feet all the way around, and then there is another flight of 10 stairs going up in the opposite direction of the other.

Ever since the first day we moved in, I always had a strong offensive feeling around the stairs.Soon after we had settled in, I found myself literally running every time I had to pass through the stairs.I couldn`t help it.It was almost like a gut instinct was telling me to run, that I wasn`t wanted on those stairs.At all.I was always overcome with a feeling that someone was running right along behind me.Sometimes while running up or down one of the flights, (it happens on both)I could swear I see someone running right behind me on the opposite flight of stairs, which, of course, just made me run faster!

I remember one day not too long ago, I felt silly at the fact that I was always running down the stairs, so I decided to try and walk normally down them.

I got about half-way down the first flight when I heard footsteps following slowly behind me.I stopped to see if it was my own footsteps I was hearing, but when I stopped I heard one more footstep behind me before "It" stopped.I spun around so quickly the colors on the walls blurred, and when I saw that no one was there , I took off down the rest of those stairs faster than ever before!

~* The Stranger Upstairs *~

Sometimes when I`m home alone ( Which I am most of the time. eek!)I`ll be downstairs in the livingroom, and I`ll hear footsteps walking around in my mom`s room , which is located right above the livingroom.At first I`ll try to link it to my dog, Ozzy, but I`ll look over and notice that he`s sitting in his usual spot right by the couch in his bed. Sometimes I`m apparently not the only one who hears it, because when I`ll look over to check if Ozzy is with me, he`ll be looking up towards my mom`s room, also.That kind of gets me wierded out, but it also tells me that I`m not hearing things and that something really IS up there.

Once I got the nerve to actually go up there to see if maybe someone was in the house, and I went into her room to find nothing at all.Not under the bed, not in the closet.Nowhere.

~* My Past Experiences *~

As I told you before, I have gone through many experiences, and I also have many stories told to me by others.

One that I will always remember took place back when i was about 10 or so. I was with my two of my friends, Nikki and Brooke, and we were staying at Nikki`s house. My mother and Nikki`s mother were best friends and were out clubbing, so we were all home with Nikki`s uncle, who was asleep in the basement.

We all had an extreme liking to Nikki`s mom`s room because of how it was decorated with lots of candles and rustic furniture,so we took our little sleepover in there. We were having fun at first. We were all three sitting on the bed, and had the radio on. Laughing and playing was all we were doing, till all of a sudden Brooke threw her hands towards our faces and went
" Shh, shh!!...did you hear that?"
Of course me and Nikki had no idea , so we asked her, and she replied,
"It sounded like was coming from somewhere over there, I think"
She motioned over to the dresser, which was right in the center of the far wall directly in front of the bed we were on.Me and Nikki just looked at her and told her we didn`t hear anything.

We brushed it off and continued on with our laughing and talking.Then all three of us at the same time seemed to sense something,and stopped talking all together. What I remember was a strong nauseating feeling. Suddenly, the dresser Brooke had motioned too earlier started to shake, and the candles placed on top of it began to fall.Then the radio turned off.

It only happened in what seemed to have been a matter of seconds, but once it stopped we all sat there frozen.We looked at each other, and Nikki, being the brave girl she was , got up and quickly picked up the candles and sloppily placed them back onto the dresser.She completed her little act of bravery by quickly jumping back onto the bed with me and Brooke.

We sat there and whispered about what it could have been, until suddenly Brooke`s face went completely white. I don`t really remember the look on Nikki`s face at this moment, but I quickly looked into the direction Brooke was staring in, and what I saw was something that will be etched into my mind forever.

It came through the bedroom door. A tall, greenish-white figure that seemed to glide more than walk, and you could make out somewhat of a human figure, but no face.It slowly made it`s way from the door to the other side of the room and disappeared through the wall.

The next few minutes seemed to happen in a blur because I was so scared I could barely think straight. I just knew I wanted OUT!! As soon as it disappeared, the three of us jumped clear off that bed and raced to the door and out into the hallway.Thanks to my clumsiness, I tripped and fell right in the middle of our run, and as I tried to scramble up I remember I was so terrified I could barely pull myself back up.Once I did, I ran as fast as I could to catch up with the girls.

We ran to the the basement door and began screaming and banging on it, yelling for Kevin, Nikki`s uncle, to open up and let us in. For some reason he didn't answer, so we ran over to the kitchen table and hid under it until our moms got back. I remember being scared to tears, Nikki, the brave one, was hyperventilating, and Brooke was shaking. Nikki has told me that she had seen that ghost a few more times after that before they moved. She said the strangest time was when she was ill with the flu, so her mom made her sleep in the bathroom.She was asleep on the floor, when all of a sudden she woke up from a bright light shining in the bathroom. She said she thought it was her mom, so she sat up, only to see the ghost standing in the bathroom right in front of her. She said it was wierd because she wasn't as afraid, because what it did triggered her mind to thinking it as a sign of some sort. The ghost stood there for a minute, and then slowly stepped into the bath tub, sat down in it, and then slowly lay down completely until its entire head was out of her sight, and then it just disappeared.

She said that her mom never said if the previous owner they bought the house from told her anything about deaths in that house,though her mom wouldn`t have told her anyways, because she thinks that maybe it was trying to tell her that he was murdered in that tub or died in it somehow.The ghost did this several times after that, in the same way, but the other times, Nikki said, she had followed the ghost from another room into the bathroom.

~* Nikki`s Current Home *~

Nikki has recently moved into an older house in the downtown parts of the city .She and her mom always tell of how wierd things always happen, such as when Nikki got a keyboard about a year or so ago, and she was playing it one day when all of a sudden she heard wierd crackling sounds coming from the speakers. She soon made it out as static, like from a radio, and all of a sudden she could make out words coming from the crackling.The words she heard were like those you hear in a chruch.They were of someone preaching about god and faith.She freaked out because she knew there was no possible way that a radio station could get through a keyboard!

She went to get her mom, and when they came back she made her mom listen to it. Her mom is like me, and believes deeply in ghosts and things, so her first thought, of course, was , " Maybe that strange feeling we`ve been feeling lately really is a ghost, and that`s some sort of sign or something?" Nikki said she didn`t really know WHAT to think, so she just said, " Well then at least it`s a good ghost if its sending preaches about god." Just then , after she said that, the voice from the keyboard said, " Thats right, hunny! Believe! Believe it`s good, and it always will be! believe its real!"

After that Nikki said she took the batteries out because she didn't find that quite as comforting as others might have, but she said a few days after she had done so, she was in her room and she heard the crackling sounds and the preaching voice coming from the keyboard again. She picked it up, saw there were still no batteries in it, and threw it out.

If you ever went into their current home, you would instantly feel a presence. Whatever it is in that house , it makes itself very obvious.Nikki always tell me how when shes cleaning in the kitchen, she`ll listen to the radio they keep in there, and it will just start switching stations and turn to a church station much similar to what she had heard on her keyboard.Her mom says she never feels too threatened by it,only when she tries to ignore the things it does. I have never felt a negative energy in there, but I definitely feel something.

~* Nikki`s Dream *~

Last year, Nikki and I suffered the loss of a friend. Her name was Kit, and she was the funniest girl I had ever met.She was My Idol, and Nikki`s best friend.Two days after her death in November of 2003, Nikki told me of a strange dream she had about Kit, which she said felt more like a sign from Kit.

This is how it went....

I`m sure some of you have heard of the open-house type events that most families have after a death of a friend or family member. At this open house, they allow friends and family of the person who passed to come and visit and leave flowers or things in their room.

It started out as Nikki going to Kit`s house for that very thing.She was sitting on Kit`s bed , and Kit`s ghost was sitting right by her. She was telling Kit how she missed her and how she wasn`t ready to say good-bye, and that she didn't want to let Kit go because she would be losing her best friend.Kit was saying to her that she needed to let her go , and that it was okay to say good-bye because she would always be with Nikki, and she could never lose her.All of a sudden this guy and his girlfriend walked in. Nikki said that the guy had brought flowers and a bundle of tootsie roll pops in his hand.He and the girl stood there and looked around for a minute, then he handed a pop to Kit`s older brother who had walked in with them, then walked over to nicole and handed her one.She said he then turned to Kit and said, " You want one, too?", and Kit goes, " Wait, you can see me?!" and the guy goes,"yeah, of course.".

Nikki and Kit then started jumping up and down holding each other and screaming and laughing in awe and disbelief.Then Nikki said , " Kit, we have to tell your parents!!" and Kit said , " Are you sure?". Nikki just said , " Of course!"
So they ran down the hallway, and Nikki said that they started running up the stairs and when she got to the top of them she noticed Kit wasn`t there.So she looked down to the bottom of the staircase and she saw Kit sitting on the bottom step.

She ran back down and asked her why she looked so sad.Kit said, " I don`t know if they`ll believe me.." So Nikki took her by the hand and told her that they were going to be so happy to see she was back.So they ran up the stairs and knocked on her parents bedroom door.Nikki said that it seemed so realistic because before they answered it,she could hear Kit`s mom yelling to her dad to get the door because she was trying to read, which was a typical thing for them.

When her dad finally opened the door, Nikki said to him, " Look, Jerry! She`s back! She`s back with us again!" Her dad reached for her and wrapped his arms tightly around her and was mumbling sobby words in her ear, and the biggest smile on his face. She said the dream did one of those strange twist things,and the next thing she remembered was Kit and herself were in the kitchen making something, and the last thing that happened was Nikki said, " I can`t believe you`re really here, you`re really back with us, I`ve missed you so much!" , Kit reached for her, hugged her, and right after Kit`s hug she woke up.

I believe that Kit could sense Nikki`s sadness, so she came to her in a dream to tell her that its okay to say good-bye because she`s still with us,and that there was no possible way that Nikki could be losing a best friend, because just as much as we are missing Kit, shes up there missing us just as much*~~

~* When I Was Younger *~

My mom has always reminded me of when we lived in this one apartment complex.I don`t remember this, because I was just about two or three, but my mom has told me about it many times.

My mom and I were alone. She didn`t have a boyfriend at the time. We lived in an apartment complex near this one mall, and she said it was pretty old. One night, she said that she awoke to me screaming in my room. When she went to go check on me, she said i kept saying something about a man.This, of course, freaked her out, so she had the owner of the place come and check it out.

He didn`t find any traces of anyone breaking in , so he told my mom that I must have been dreaming,which she guessed it must have been. She woke up several times after that to me screaming. Again, I would cry to her about a man in my room.So, after the third time, she had me sleep in her room. One night, my mom said she woke up from a feeling that someone was touching her arm.She opened her eyes, and saw a man standing above her. She sat up and when she did so the man disappeared right in front of her. My mom said she started packing first thing the next morning, and we left that afternoon.

~* The Angel Earrings *~

In the house I lived in before this one, I was always hanging around in the basement.One day I was down there with a friend of mine, and i was trying to find my cat, and I found this wierd pair of earrings in the corner behind some boxes.They were really strange, made out of what looked like a brassy metal.They were small half moons with an angel sleeping on them. I thought maybe they were my mom`s, so I asked her and she said she had never seen them before. So I went and put them away in my room.

Later on that day when I came home from my friends house, I found the earrings on my pillow. I had put them away earlier in my dresser drawer. For almost the whole time we lived it that house, I would always find those earrings in different places all over the house. I would put them away in one place and they`d turn up in another.

Eventually I told my mom about it, and she told me that if I found them somewhere, then maybe if I put them back whatever it is that is scaring me about them will stop. That day I put them back and forgot about them. Nothing else after that happened, until we moved here, and I was unpacking and found them in a box of my belongings. I`m not sure how they got there, but I gave them to my mom after that and she took them and did something with them. Whatever she did it got rid of them because I haven`t seen them since.

~* Brooke`s Aunt *~

I mentioned my friend Brooke earlier in my stories. She told me once about her mom`s sister. She is into witchcraft and anything supernatural, so she is always looking to get into that kind of stuff. She moved into this old cabin-type house up in Oregon.She said that when she did was settling in, she always had the strange feelings of another presence in the home.

One night,she had decided to make something of those feelings, so she did some sort of spell or seance to get whatever it was to make itself noticeable. Later on that night, her aunt was in her room unpacking some of her belongings, when all of a sudden a young girl walked into her room and sat on her bed. Her aunt wasn`t afraid, she said, cause that was just what she wanted, so she tried to talk to the spirit.

Every time she tried to talk to her, she would never talk back.The girl would come and sit on her bed almost every single day, and every time she would try to talk to her. But the spirit never said a word.Her aunt would just go on rambling about her day or her problems to the spirit as if it was one of her friends.

One night, I guess her aunt got a little curious as to who this girl was and why she was there ,etc.When the spirit came into her room, she asked her name.The girl said nothing.Her aunt became overly curious, so she decided to think of a way to get her to answer her somehow. She told the girl that if she wanted to tell her name, to write in on the walls somewhere, and she would find it in the morning.

So the next morning she woke up and went downstairs to see if the spirit wrote anything or gave anything at all. When she walked into the living room, she searched the walls, and when she came across the fireplace she saw the letters `C L A R A ` written in coal on the brick of the mantle.

Brooke`s aunt told her this story when Brooke went to go visit her aunt in Oregon for her birthday. When she saw the name on the fireplace, she asked her what it was for, and her aunt told her the story. Brooke said her aunt isn`t gonna wash it off, but she`s going to leave it there untill it wears away.

Jesika, CA, USA
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