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I've Been Hit

Sandy, NC, USA
April 2005

This story is a very true story and it happened to me and a family I used to live next door to in Lebanon, Tennessee. I have always believed in the supernatural but I had never experienced anything until this one night. I really had never been more scared in all my life. This is my story and I SWEAR IT IS ALL TRUE!

I had just moved into this one room apartment and had started to make friends with the other tenants. One night my boyfriend and his brother had come over to visit. We had been sitting on the sofa just chatting about our day when we all heard what sounded like glass breaking. We all jumped up and ran outside looking for what had caused the sound. When we stepped out, I stepped on some glass that had come from the back door of my neighbors apartment. My boyfriend and his brother looked around to see if there was anyone around but there was no one to be found. I ran to the front of the apartment to ask my neighbor if she or her son had seen anything or heard anything. I found them both sitting in the corner shaking and scared, almost speechless. My neighbor spoke first and said that there had been this "thing" that had come out of her bedroom and had made a threatening move towards her and then her son that was around 10 at the time, had ran to his mother scared half to death. He was crying and shaking. His color was almost as white as new sheets. He was cold and clammy to the touch. When I tried to get his attention, he started to scream the most pitiful scream that I have ever heard. It was then that I had saw something that made my blood run cold. This BLACKER than BLACK thing came out of the kitchen.

It seemed to float like smoke, but there was no smell of smoke. I was frozen to the spot I stood on. There was this feeling of dread that filled me to the point that I started to cry. I felt as if I was smothered and could not pull in a breath. The longer I stood there the more I felt as if I had to get away or I was going to die. The only thing that made me move was when my boyfriend came running in and knocked me to the floor. It had seemed that I had been in my neighbors house for hours but had only been in there for about 10 minutes. The "black thing" floated out the front door and disappeared. We had thought that was the end of that ... but we were very wrong.

Later that same night I was back in my own apartment and had begged my boyfriend to stay with me because I was terrified to stay by myself. We had just started to get ready for bed (he slept on the floor and I was on the couch) when out of nowhere one of my plastic plates came flying off the shelf at me and my boyfriend. I ran out of the front door with my boyfriend right beside me. When we got out in the night air, that was when all hell broke loose.

There were my neighbors and a few other friends outside watching something up on the roof of the apartment building. When I looked up there to see what they were watching, something hit me in the back. Whatever it was knocked me to the ground with more force than I have ever felt before. I actually thought that my boyfriend had done it, but he too was on the ground as was everyone else. Then it was as if we were in this storm of rocks that seemed to be falling from nowhere but everywhere. I kept yelling for this thing to please stop hitting me and my friends but it seemed to make this thing even more mad.

That was when that the police pulled up and asked what had happened?. No one around us had called them but they were there. That was when everything stopped. I had a small cut on my forehead and the police thought that there had been a fight, but I tried to explain to them that there was no fight. They looked at me as if I had lost my mind when I told them what had actually happened.

There were over 15 witnesses to this event and I hope that they will see this and write in as well.

If anyone has ever experienced a spirit attack please contact me.

Thank you for reading this.

Sandy, NC, USA
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