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I've Seen Spirits My Whole Life

Anonymous, SC, USA
August 2015

I’m only fifteen years old, but I have had and I’m continuing to have several experiences with spirits.

When I was about six years old, after my grandfather passed away, I would often see him in the mirror behind me, only for a split second. He would also appear in my dreams which were very vivid. When I expressed my childlike concern to my parents they passed it off as my way of grieving.

Ignoring it, I went about my life normally after that, until I was about nine years old. I first would have a thought stuck in my head, like an annoying tune, for days. It seemed to me that maybe I was having some sort of OCD or anxiety, but my reoccurring thoughts began to come true. It started with family unexpectedly visiting, or odd, unpredicted storms. I thought my ability was pretty cool for a while, until I "predicted" a fatal car accident. I had a horribly disturbing dream about a family crashing their car on a busy road. I obsessed over this more than I had any other incidents. I drew pictures, wrote stories, and even talked to my teacher about it. Two weeks later a blue Toyota was reported causing a pile up on the highway, killing a family of four. I’m don’t exactly remember how I reacted to this, but thinking back on it, it’s quite disturbing.

Now, and for the past three or so years, I’ve begun to see ‘things’ very often. Sometimes in the form of flashing or blinking lights, dark shadows that would move around in the corners of my eyes, and finally full on ‘people.’ When I see spirits that look like people their usually accompanied by a sense of dizziness and an almost haze-like sheen around them. Some spirits I see once, but a few I see on a day to day basis, when I’m awake, and also in my dreams. They’ve never spoken to me out loud, but I feel like in my dreams, when they speak, they’re directing it towards me, and when I am awake, random nagging voices always find their way into my head.

As if apparitions aren’t enough, I’m constantly hearing noises like footsteps, heavy breathing, and unexplained thumping. And to accompany the ever expanding list of unexplained events, on several occasions, I find objects misplaced. Keys not in the dish, one shoe across the room, a box of matches in the middle of the kitchen floor, things that obviously were not put there by me or someone in my family. My mom, grandmother, older sister, and niece have all experienced at least one of the things I described above. I’m thinking that something must run in females on my mothers side of the family. Any thoughts?

Anonymous, SC, USA
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