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I Am Now A Believer

Amber, TN, USA
September 2007

From the time I was a child I was taught that ghosts were just basically figments of the imagination, that what people see was not really there. With that engrained in my mind I grew to be very skeptical of those who claimed to "see ghosts".

When I was 15, my family moved into a double-wide trailer in a small town of East Tennessee. It was a snug place, surrounded by woods and 1/4 mile from the road. Strangely enough, after we moved in, we found shotgun holes in the walls in my parent's bedroom and bath. My brother had heard a rumor that our house was once a meth house and someone had been shot and killed there. I shrugged it off, thinking this was unlikely that we had really moved into an old drug house.

We were there a year and things were fairly calm. The dog would bark at random unseen things, but we figured it was because she was getting old.

The door to my bedroom started slowly opening at random times, thinking it was just a problem with the old trailer door; I'd ignore it and go about my business.

One night I was awakened by the sound of hearing someone walking around outside my window. I knew it wasn't an animal; the distinct sound of human footfall snapping the limbs beneath its weight was so vivid. I immediately got up and looked out my window, seeing no one there. It scared me, but again I shrugged it off. I told myself it was just my imagination, and that I was just paranoid.

A few months went by and fall came around. The night of the mysterious sound outside my window had fallen to the back of my mind. But one night changed my view and my thoughts on ghost forever. I went to bed that night and went through my nightly ritual of shutting my door, climbing into bed and turning off my light.

I fell into a deep sleep.
At 2:30am, I remember it so vividly, I suddenly wake up. Just out of habit I look at my door and it is open. Within a space of just a few seconds a figure of a lady walked into my doorway. From her came a bright white light, it filled my room. I was mesmerized. She looked at me with grey eyes, and I felt my body being lifted into the sitting upright position. I closed my eyes and tried to turn away but I couldn't. I kept thinking to myself 'Don't go into the light!' (Have to thank the scriptwriters of Poltergeist for that one) but whatever was pulling me was too strong. I honestly thought I was going to die. After what seemed like an eternity, I was finally sitting up. I decided to open my eyes to what I thought would be my last time and when I did the light disappeared. My room was dark, and whatever was holding me up let go and I fell back onto my bed. I tried to move, I was numb. I tried to speak, I couldn't make a sound. I watched the clock for 10minutes before I began to get feeling again. Once I was able to move, I ran to my parent's room and told them what happened. They told me I was dreaming and to go back to bed. I couldn't. I slept on the couch, did that for a few weeks. The whole ordeal really shook me up.
What was interesting, my brother also claimed to have been woken up around 2:30 to see a figure of a woman peering around the doorframe at him.
Also on another occasion, seeing a figure walk from my room to his around the same time. This scared me, and with no one to talk to I turned to my pastor. He gave me scripture to read, and I read those and prayed every night after that. I never saw her again.

Although I saw her once, the image has forever been engraved into my mind. I am now a firm believer in ghosts.
Was she a ghost of a murdered woman? I don't know, I just know that whoever she was...she still had a presence in that house.

Amber, TN, USA
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