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I Am Still Here For You

Des, South Africa
April 2006

This incident happened about a year ago. My husband and had just had our first child. We extremely happy about having a baby girl however as any first time parent would tell you the first few months are quite trying.

She was not a good sleeper so we spent most of our time running up and down in the evenings. During the day my husband had to go to work and he was under a lot of pressure to get projects completed.

We do not have a big family so there was no-one to help out with the baby duties. My mother had passed away when I younger and were very close. This period in our lifes was chaotic to say. I now know why sleep deprivation is used as an effect means of torture. My husband and I started to argue amongst ourselves which was something we had never done before.

One night after an extremely trying week we had gone to bed. Everything was quite.I was lying in bed crying missing my mom like crazy and wishing she was around to help me and give me advice.

All at once our dogs started barking and baby started crying. I went through to check on baby and she was fine. She was gurgling away and had a lovely smile. I noticed the rocking chair in her room that I used to nurse her was moving back and forth but did not give it more thought as I wanted to go see what the dogs where barking at. I opened the front door and had a look around and there wasn't anything there. Before I went back to my bed I decided to go check on baby once more.

As I entered the room I saw a silhouette of a woman standing next to the baby's crib. I was about to scream for my husband when she turned and looked at me, gave me a smile and vanished.

I knew it was my mom coming to say that she was still here for me and still looks out for me. I still see the rocking moving but I just smile and say " Hello Mom, I love you to".

This story is just to say that although my mom has passed on she is still a part of my life.

Des, South Africa
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