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I Can Feel It

Sarah, Canberra, Australia
October 2005

This is all completely true and in no way made to sound any better or different to what happened on that night.

One night my best friend and I decided to have a go at "Automatic Handwriting" thinking it would be fun, however we should have known better. We had done a lot of reading on the net about that and Ouija boards because we are into that sort of thing. So one night I stayed at her house, after her mum went to bed we quickly went into action.

We put candles out and got a pad and a pen. I was the first one to try. I wrote at the top of the paper: Is anybody there? Then I put my pen underneath it and just waited. At first nothing happened but after about 10 seconds I got a very weird feeling. I started to feel very light headed and generally feeling kind of weightless especially around my head, neck and arm area, it seemed like I was feeling like that forever but actually it was only about half a minute. I then dropped the pen which had started to move and raised my hands up to my face saying, "I can feel it" in a very shaky and frightened tone, I then proceeded to fall back onto the ground. I can barely remember any of that but my best friend filled in the blanks for me.

I then decided I wanted a drink so I turned all the lights on and went out into the kitchen to get a drink. I came back about 5 minutes later because my best friend Sam wanted to have a go. So she did the same process but as I watched her I realized her eyes were becoming wider and very glassy. I don't really know why but I had a urge to look over into the darkened corner. I'm not really sure what I saw in that corner. It looked like a man and a woman hugging or maybe kissing passionately. Whatever it or they were, they seemed to fill me with dread at the fact I might not make it out of that room alive or in one piece. So I told Sam not to look over in the corner and what surprised me is that she didn't even raise her head she just dropped the pen and went to turn on the lights saying the same feeling that had come over me had had the same affect on her.

The scariest bit was still to come.

After we turned the light on we decided to go into the kitchen to get another drink because we were still a little jumpy about what had happened, me especially after seeing the thing in the corner. The only thing blocking our way to the kitchen was a sliding wood door that we had closed for the automatic handwriting session, so I waited for Sam to open it but she didn't. "Open it then," I said feeling still very jumpy. "No you do it!" she said obviously just as jumpy as me after saying that back and forth a couple of times I gave up and reached forward to grab the handle. But when I tugged it to a side so we could get into the kitchen it was stuck.

Now I'm not weak I actually have quite a lot of strength in my arms for a girl and so does Sam because of our jobs, so she grabbed the handle and tugged too. But it still wouldn't budge. After another couple of tugs I gave it another try and after about 5 seconds it opened abruptly almost sending me flying! By then I was shaking quite badly. After we got our drink we went to bed still quite shaken and scared out of our brains. I fell asleep quite quickly and had a peaceful sleep.

When I woke up I randomly asked "How did you sleep?" and Sam said that she saw things when she was asleep. She said she saw the curtains move like a wind was blowing through them, so she just rolled over thinking that she just left the window open. She then closed her eyes ready to go back to sleep when she realized that the window was closed but by the time she had turned around the curtains had stopped.

Unfortunately for Sam that was not the last weird thing to happen that night.

After about a hour of lying awake after the curtains she noticed something flick along the wall. She kept watching that same wall and after another short interval she properly saw what it was.

It was a figure of a person but it was black like a shadow and walked for about 2 meters before disappearing again.

The weird thing is ever since that night the house has never been quite right, I too have seen the black figures of people that I now refer to as "The Shadows" and they never really do anything else except for walk in a straight line only to disappear within a couple of meters.

There are other things that happen too.

Sam has a can collection. But all the cans are suspended from her ceiling with thread, sometimes she will wake up in the middle of the night and they will all be spinning around in circles for no apparent reason.

The only other thing that has happened is that her old dog, who is 11 and has arthritis has done something strange.

One night Sam's dog was lying on her bed as usual but all of a sudden he jumped down and ran down the hallway barking. A few moments later the dog came bolting back into her room and made an effortless jump onto her bed where he sat looking at the door to her hallway growling. The funny thing is that her dog is so old he almost never manages to jump onto her bed anymore.

Well I hope you have learned something from this! Never mess with the spirits! And if anyone has any idea on why the door wouldn't open, what the figures were or what they were doing or what Sam's dog is so scared of please contact me.

Sarah, Canberra, Australia
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