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I Can See My Invisible Friend

Abby, Ottawa, Canada
March 2006

What I am about to tell is completely true. It happened to me when I was around six and again when I was fourteen to seventeen.

When I was little, my mom, had told me that I used to have a friend called Glorial who was invisible. I didn't believe her and said Glorial was REAL. I remember playing with her everyday. My mom thought I must have had another friend called Glorial that she didn't know.

Well, it didn't bug us much till I was around fourteen or so. My mother and I were cleaning out the Attic. It was amazing watching all the old treasures of mine and hers. We came upon a photo album and I was looking at all the pictures of me when I was a little kid. It amazed me to see a picture of a girl with me in EVERY PICTURE!!! She had dark brown curly hair, shiny gold skin and electrical green eyes. I even had my arms around her in some of the pictures. We even smiled together and held hands! In one of the pictures we were even hugging each other! Now you may think this is normal to see a girl's picture alot in your photo album but the thing is YOU wouldn't SEE HER IN EVERY PICTURE!! unless it happened to be your sister or something, but still then you don't see her in every single picture!!

I asked my mom who the girl was, and she just laughed and said "oh, Abby-Gail you always posed in funny ways saying it was you and Glorial, that invisible friend." Now this freaked me out badly!! I was sweating like a pig when she said that and said "But, mom, who's the girl in the picture? The curly-haired one with the old fashioned dress??" My mom got all weird and very calmly said there was no curly-haired, girl with an old fashion dress. This got me really freaked but no matter what I said she told me there was no one.

I didn't say anything after that and soon, I'd forgotten about it. Then later, one day after a long time, my mom took me into my room, and showed me a picture. She asked me if the girl had a heart locket on her neck that had "E" carved into it with a ruby stone on top. I said yes. Since she couldn't see her my mom also asked if the girl had a dimple when ever she smiled. I said yes again.

My mom told me that the girl was her great grandmama. Her name was Ellisma. She died giving birth to her first child at age twelve. I started crying when I heard this. She visited my grandma when she was young saying her name was Gloria. Now she visited me saying her name was Glorial.

My mom calmed me down and told me she only visits people she loves and cares about very very very much. I don't know why but I felt very happy. It was like peace itself had come to visit us then. We both had tears in our eyes. Then a light came upon us. It was very bright like a star just fell into the house. I saw my great great grandmama get out of it. She looked much older now. Like she was eighty or so and not the twelve year old girl. She kissed me on the cheek and said I was an extremely beautiful daughter and I would grow up to be someone with a heart so bright of love that it would shine from a far distance.

I am now a doctor. I am very successful. I think it's because of her. My daughter is a beautiful daughter too. She says she met my great great grandmama in her dream ones. My sons say that too.

I still hear her voice sometimes. I love her very much! She is the light I hold onto in the darkness. I love you grandmama. I'll see you very soon. Thank you for making me the girl I am.

In memory of:
Ellisma Katterina Beth Granson,
My beloved Great great Grandmama

Abby, Ottawa, Canada
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