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I Can Still Hear That Whistle

Cole Ellis, NC, USA
June 2011

Years ago, when I was a child (I’m 18 now) I loved music. One night when I was about seven years old I was listening to music through headphones. After listening to several songs I was getting ready to cut the radio off to go to bed when I heard a whistle.

It wasn’t just a whistle with a tune; it was a type of whistle that calls for your attention. What’s more is that the sound of the whistle completely drowned the music out. Both of my parents were asleep, I have no siblings and at the time, no pets. The television was off and in a completely different room.

I have never heard a whistle with that quality or tone except when I heard the same thing again a few years later, when I was alone. I still can’t explain that one.

The scariest experience I had was on the same night I heard the whistle. After I heard it, I left the room to sleep on the sofa. As I was lying on the sofa I heard a crash coming from the room next to me. When I approached the door I realized the light was on and the door open. I saw a shadow on the wall, like someone was in the room. Cautiously, I opened the door. There was no one in there, and there was nothing out of place to explain the crashing sound.

Years later, I have started to feel like someone, or something is watching me from inside that room whenever I walk by that room. I still do not have any explanations, but I would love to have some.

Cole Ellis, NC, USA
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