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I Didn't Believe

New Mexico, USA
October 1999

Hello All! Just submitting my story, gives me the creeps. But, it's an experience I'll never forget!

Well, it started as a regular day, I used to work for a Home Health Agency, you know taking care of patients, tending to there every need. I loved my job. The Agency, called me in and asked me if I can go sit for awhile, at another home. I said, "Sure, where is it at?" They told me, and I left to go find the place. Well, when I arrived there, the place seemed normal. I checked to make sure, they (the people) didn't have any dogs, or animals. I went to the door, and knocked. A lady answered, and she said "Yes, may I help you?" I said, "Yes m'am, I've here from Home Health? She welcomed me in, I stayed near the door, as we talked and got to know each other. She told me, that I would be taking care of her son. I said, " That's fine!" To me she was a very nice woman, I didn't see any harm, in anything. While we we're talking, I notice there we're Crucifix's every where. There some on the walls, on the furniture, and even some on the floor. Of course, I didn't say anything, just thought they we're very religious, besides I'm catholic and my family have crucifix's hanging on there walls, also.

So, she (the mom) started showing me the way towards her son's room, when we got there, I notice the room was very cold. But, again I didn't think nothing of it. I met the son, and started taking care of him. Weeks past, and I started noticing changes, I mean like the room temperature, and little books I had brought to read to the patient, we're missing. Simple things, but not really something to brag about. One day, I had gotten there early so I could talk to the mom, and tell her that things that I bring for the patient we're missing. She looked at me, and offered me a cup of coffee, and told me to sit down. I said, "Thank you." She started telling me, that she was surprised that I haven't asked her about the crucifix's. Of course, I told her that I was wondering about it, but that I just thought she was very religious person, and that I respected that. She told me, that she liked me very much and that she didn't want to lose me as a care giver to her son. I was very grateful for her special words, but asked her "What's wrong?" She started telling me that they have a ghost in the house, and that it won't hurt me. He (the ghost ) likes the way I take care of her son. I just sat there, and looked at her. What could I say, "Thanks!" (I thought to myself, she's "going nuts") But, I ignored it, and went to work. The next morning, the mom told me she was going to do some errands. I said, "Fine, has (?) eaten breakfast yet?" "No! he hasn't." And left out the door, so I went to go see my patient, and cleaned him up and sat him up in a chair for breakfast. "Okay, (?) I'll be right back, I'm going to go make you some breakfast." I headed out to the kitchen, to make breakfast. I walked to the refrigerator, opened it and was going to get an egg. While, I had the refrigerator open, from the corner of my eye I notice a closet door opening. In front of this closet door, there was a long mirror. The closet door, opened so wide, that I saw my reflection in the mirror. I just stared, at the door/mirror. From behind the door came out a white figure, it was a man! I saw him plane as day, he turned and looked at me, and went away. For me, I dropped whatever I had in my hands, and ran to the patients room. I was so scared, that I was literally shaking, my hair on my arms we're standing up, including on my hair on my head. I sat there with the patient, and didn't move one bit. I sat there for, I don't know how long. After it seemed, for an eternity, I started noticing the room was getting cold, I went to lay the patient in his bed, and covered him up. While, I was doing that, I looked up a little ways, and saw two glowing eyes staring out from the wall. I ignored them, as I covered the patient and sat down carefully. I know the eyes we're watching me, so I played it cool, and calm. But, deep inside I was so scared. I started reading a book, to the patient, my voice was cracking, and tears we're coming down my eyes. All of a sudden, the eyes disappeared. The day past, and the mom showed up later. I looked at her, and I guess from the look on my face, she knew I wasn't coming back. She looked at me, and said that she was sorry, to lose me. I just, turned to her and smiled.

I left, and never returned again. That experience I will never forget. I sometimes pass near the home, but I never turn to look at it. Hoped you enjoyed my experience, and remember belive!!!

New Mexico, USA
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