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I Guess He Just Wanted A Muffin

Jen, Ontario, Canada
February 2005

First off let me say that I have never had any experiences with the paranormal, no cold spots, no weird feelings, nothing prior to this.

This happened to me yesterday at about 6:30pm, it was already dark outside and I decided that I would like to make muffins. Now, you will have to understand how our kitchen is laid out, the room is a rectangle with counters running across the far wall and around the first corner, then right up against the counter is the stove and then the fridge, with the door in the opposite corner.

Alright back to the story, I was just pulling the muffins out of the oven there was only one tray. The recipe I made only made for 12 muffins (important), and me being the lover of all things baked I peeled the paper off of one right away and started eating, I was standing right next to the oven leaning over the counter. When I got a chill, you know the one that runs up your spine, I turned around to see a man standing in the doorway. Well, I just assumed he was one of my parents friends and wondered why I didn't hear him come in. Not wanting to be rude, I said "oh, hello. I just made some muffins, there fresh out of the oven if you want one." I turned back around to face the counter again and continued eating my muffin and thought it weird that he wasn't saying anything. I had just started to say "I can get you a drink if you like..." and I turned back around, and nothing! There was no one there, then something caught my attention on the ground, it was an empty muffin wrapper on the ground!! I just started to laugh and say "That's not possible..." and I spun around to look at the pan, there was one missing (besides the one that I ate) I honestly almost fainted where I stood, there was NO WAY anyone could take a muffin and not be seen from where I was standing before, I could see the muffin pan out of the corner of my eye, I definitely did not see a muffin get up and float 10 feet. Strangely enough, when I asked my parents they told me no one came over and thought I was nuts. While it was happening I never felt threatened in any way; I guess he just wanted a muffin. :)

Jen, Ontario, Canada
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