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I Just Seem To Attract Them

Tegan Love, VIC, Australia
October 2002

Ever since I was little I remember being interested in spirts and the unexplained. I guess weird things had always happened to me but not like the three recent events.

One morning in April, 2000 I was lying in my bed at my parents N.S.W. home when I felt a presence in the room. Thinking it was Mum putting away my washing, I opened my eyes. To my surprise it was a young guy about 17 standing by the end of my bed, but something was wrong with his face, it had a massive scar running diagonally through it. I sat up frozen in shock and he just disappeared.

Several days later I felt his presence again and sure enough he was standing back in the same corner. This time I didn't feel frightened, instead I asked him what he wanted but he just disappeared again.

He appeared several more times but he only started appearing if I felt upset.

Thinking I was going crazy I told my Mum. She said she had felt strange things in the house recently too, but hadn't seen anything.

I was sitting by myself reading, and I felt him again. I never took my eyes off the book I just casually said what is your name and what do you want? Thats when the TV came on by itself. I didn't feel shocked I just sat there and all of a sudden had an urge to call him Ben.

From then on he always appeared every morning and at night, just before I went to bed.

I got the feeling he had died in a car crash with his parents and he felt comfortable with me.

A psychic confirmed what I thought. All I said to her about Ben was that I felt a strong hand grab my shoulder and squeeze it, it felt like ice. The psychic laughed and said "oh yes he's laughing at you right now, he's touching your left shoulder". She said he had to leave me as he only came to help me with my depression, and after that day I never felt his presence again.

I moved to Melbourne with my cousin and felt a strange presence in our new house, she had lived there for years and never felt a thing till I moved in. His name was Jeremy, thats what I called him, he seemed to like me but no one else. Whenever we had a friend over he would come out to "play".

My friend Mike stayed with us three times a week. Whenever he was there Jeremy would go ballistic; opening cupboards you couldn't open without force, or using a latch. Slamming doors, things would go missing and the front door would open while it was locked.

Jeremy's shadow would appear on the wall and his figure in the hallway. People where to scared to come to our house in case he would act up.

When I was home alone it felt like the safest house in the world, all warm and cosy. When others arrived it would be freezing. I never knew if he liked my friend Mike or not, but we stayed in the same room and every night the door would open for a second or two than close gently. I always felt like he was protecting me and looking out for me. I even woke up once to find a guy with heavy work boots standing over me, and that was the first night in the house.

I recently left that house and asked him if he wanted to come with me. I felt someone run a cold hand around me and both my friends stared at me with wide eyes."what?" I asked, they both said at once "your hair is moving like someone's touching it"! I just shrugged.

Jeremy never followed me but the night my cousins new flat mate moved in things started happening to her.

I'm in a new house now and it to has a ghostly presence but not as strong as Ben or Jeremy.This one is a girl. She just keeps to herself. The people live with say she's always been there but never really does anything. I've seen her once or twice.

The people say before I moved in the house and the room where she always seems to be was cold but now its always hot like a tropical summer, they said they didn't have a name for her but as I was lying in bed talking to my friend, I felt her standing in the doorway looking at us. Just before I fell asleep I said to my friend "Mike your ghost wants to be called Amy Beth" he just looked at me and laughed "ok" he said.

Those are my stories and I don't know why the spirits keep contacting me, but they do.
I'll let you know if Amy Beth gives me any trouble.

Tegan Love, VIC, Australia
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