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I Know What I See

September 2004

It was late one night (around two o'clock in the morning). I was laying in my bed watching another boring rerun of the overexposed television show Saved By The Bell, my husband had started working night shifts so I was alone in my room. Across the hall is my five month old daughters room, so of course I leave my door open so I can hear her in the middle of the night. Beside the hallway where both of our rooms are is the living room, where I refuse to turn off the lamp (I'm a bit of a scaredy cat). Anyway, I was laying there and I saw something dark (thats the only way I can explain it) go towards my daughters room. Motherly instincts kicked in quick as I heard my daughter start to whimper and cry (which she only does in the night when something touches her or a loud noise startles her). I thought someone had broken into my house. I sprang from my bed to find no one in her room. I went into the living room turned on more lights, and turned on a small lamp in her room as well as in mine. I stared out my door watching the hallway out of pure fear that I may see something again. And sure enough about thirty minutes later I did, and this time I knew that my eyes weren't playing tricks because I assure you I was wide awake.

I saw a black figure walk into my daughters room again, and again I heard her wake up. I ran into her room, picked her up, and layed her in the bed with me and locked the door. Now I know that whatever I saw would not be kept out by a locked door, but it somehow comforted me. I finally got her back to sleep next to me and as I started to wiggle to get comfortable I realized how scared I actually was. I almost started to cry as I close my eyes, but as soon as I closed my eyes I heard hundreds of voices whisper to me "I'll go, I'll go...." over and over again. It wasn't until the next morning that I realized that "I'll go" was probably whatever it was trying to tell me that it didn't want to scare me the way it had. And I finally fell asleep.

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