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I Let Them In (1)

Katherine, QLD, Australia
August 2015

I was living with my partner of 12 years when we separated. I moved back home with my parents and thought it was time I got a place of my own. I was looking for granny flat to rent when I came across one that seemed perfect so I moved in a week or so later after my application was accepted.

The granny flat was basically one large room, it had a little kitchen at one end, I set up my TV and lounge chairs in the centre of the room and the only place available to put my bed was up again the wall under a mirror which belonged to the granny flat.

Everything was going well until about a month after moving in. I went to bed as usual about 10:30 pm and I suddenly woke up and found myself kneeling on the bed with my hands on either side of the mirror staring into it. I thought this was odd so I just laid back down and went back to sleep but this repeated night after night after night. Then strange things started to happen. I started having very real dreams seeing an old man and a little boy at the side of my bed, I would feel things touch me and grab me, I started waking up with scratch marks up my arms and on my neck, I would hear whispering and would always feel someone watching me - I thought I was going mad, it got to the stage where I was too scared to go to sleep.

I confided in a work colleague and he suggested googling "waking up with hands on both sides of mirror" and the results that continually came back referred me to "scrying" when one stares into a mirror in darkness for hours on end it becomes a portal to the other side.

Things got so bad that I started sleeping with the lights on, I would lay on my bed waiting for exhaustion to send me to sleep because I was too terrified to go to sleep.

I was flown to Sydney for a job interview and while I was walking around afterwards I came across a psychic fair. I went in and spoke to a lady and told her about everything that had been happening, I told her I had no money and could not afford to buy anything from her but she said to me, she would help me. She wrote out a prayer for me to say each night before bed and gave me chakra oil which I needed to rub anti clockwise on each of my minds eyes (on my forehead, on the each inside of my wrist and on my neck while repeating the prayer, as well as placing certain rocks in each corner of the room).

She told me the reason this has happened is because I have a psychic ability and people are trying to contact me but that I just didn't know how to control it. I told her I don't want to learn how to control it, just please help me make it stop.

I ended up leaving there and when I got home I took the mirror off the wall and I smashed it and replaced it with a new one. I followed her advice and rubbed chakra oil on the places she had told me to while reading the prayers each night before I went to bed and each morning before I left for work and after a few weeks it actually worked and everything stopped but I still could feel cold eyes on me all the time.

I was successful in getting the job in Sydney so on my last night in the granny flat when I was packing the last of my belongings, I had my ipod set up to play the whole Adele album... I was sitting on the bed and stupidly said, "Well, I am leaving, you can't hurt or scare me anymore, and you are not welcome to follow" - at that moment the Adele song that was playing stopped midway through and a song I did not even know was on my ipod started playing and as I listened to the words it said "I was walking down a dark black road I was chasing a bright white light I'm sinking in a deep blue ocean I'm flying in a clear blue sky" I instantly got the chills and knew that whatever I had let into that granny flat was still there but was not able to affect me as it had before... the day I left I never looked back.

This all happened 3 years ago. I truly hope and pray that whatever I let into the granny flat has found its bright white light.

Katherine, QLD, Australia
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