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I Lived With A Ghost

March 2003

Ok, this is my first time writing about my experiences, so here it goes.

I am the youngest of the family, I have 2 older brothers and I am the only girl. The first experience I had wasn't to scary. My dad had gone to bed before my brothers and I had, he told us to make sure we turned off all the lights before we went to bed and we said we would. It was around 9pm when we went to bed and all the lights had been turned off, around 11pm. our dad got up to use the bathroom , he was walking through the livingroom when he heard voices coming from the kitchen and saw the light above the sink was on too. He thought it was my middle brother and I and went in to yell at us to go to bed, only when he walked in there was no one there but he could still hear people talking by the sink, as he walked closer to the sink the voices stopped. Dad turned off the light and didn't think much of it, so he just went to the bathroom and headed back to his room, except as he passed the kitchen the light was on again! He didn't stop to turn it off that time, he just went straight to bed.

The next experience happened to me. I was sleeping on the couch one night and our family cat, Tigger was sleeping with me. I woke up to a strange noise coming from the corner of the livingroom behind the TV. At first i thought it was just my imagination beings as I was woken up by it, I turned on the light and waited to see if the noise would happen again, about 5 minutes passed and I didn't hear it again so I turned the light back off and started to drift off to sleep, I heard the noise made the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up! I was about to sit up and yell at whoever it was to stop cause it wasn't funny(i thought it was one of my brothers trying to scare me)but I didn't get a chance to. Tigger, our cat, started growling and his claws were digging into my leg, he jumped off the couch and slowly started walking towards the area the noise seemed to be coming from, when he stopped and all the hair on his body stood up, he started hissing and growling at nothing I could see, then he just bolted from the room, well my dad didn't raise me to be and idiot so I jumped up and ran as fast as Tigger out of there, we both wound up sleeping at the foot of my oldest brothers bed. When he woke up and saw me there I told him what had happened, no one ever believed me but I know what happened.

We also had a couple of bedrooms that did strange things, the one was always cold, you could never heat it, and every time you walked in there you had the wierd feeling of being watched at all times. The other one we could never paint, we tried to paint it many times, only to have the paint soak into the walls.

These are just some of the things that have happened in our haunted house. Some day I will write about the others. Thanks for reading!

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