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I Moved In With A Ghost

Shannon, FL, USA
February 2002

When I was 23, I moved into a 2 bedroom apartment in the historic district of town. There were a few strange incidents that happened while I lived there.

My first night in the apartment, I was lying in bed and as I was drifting off to sleep I wondered if I had locked the back door, since I had been moving things in all day. I guess it didn't worry me enough to get up and check, and I fell asleep. A few minutes after I had fallen asleep (I looked at the clock) I was awoken by three loud knocks coming from somewhere inside my bedroom and immediately had a strong feeling that someone was telling me the back door was open. I got up and walked to the back door, and it was WIDE open. I closed it, said "thank you" and went back to bed.

Another evening after I went to bed I heard some noises coming from the hallway. I was petrified, because I thought there was an intruder in my apartment! I laid very still in my bed and squinted my eyes to see so that it looked as if they were closed. What I saw next REALLY freaked me out... My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. The image of a man leaned into the doorway of my room and looked at me, then he leaned back so I couldn't see him. He leaned in again and looked at me and leaned back, then proceeded to walk past my room down the hallway. He looked like he was in his early thirties, well "built", had dark hair which was kind of long and seemed to be wearing an old vest with no shirt underneath. I couldn't make out the bottoms of his legs but chalked that up to squinting. Seconds later, I heard some "banging" noises in my extra bedroom, then nothing. I mustered up the courage to get out of bed, grab my baseball bat and run in there and flip the light on. Nothing. No one was there, and all the windows and doors were still locked. That's when I realized why I wasn't able to see the bottoms of his legs. My neighbor had told me that a man had died in the apartment several years before I moved in, and he fit the description of the man I saw that night.

The last story I'll tell you happened one night when I had some friends over for a get-together. I was standing in the middle of the room talking to the few friends who had arrived already and were sitting on the couch. Everyone who was there was sitting in front of me. Suddenly, I felt a hard "TAP TAP TAP" on my right shoulder. It startled me and I jumped and turned around to look behind me. No one was there. My friends looked at me like I was nuts, and I shrugged it off and continued to talk. A second later, "TAP TAP" on my left shoulder. I jumped again, looked, and again there was no one there. I told my friends what I felt, and they either thought I was nuts or were spooked because they didn't say very much after the second time it happened. (They knew about the first two instances).

After several more experiences like those, I finally one day said out loud, "I know you live here too, and I respect that, but I would appreciate it if you would stop scaring me and please don't let me see you again". I never saw him again or had any other strange experiences.

Shannon, FL, USA
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