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I Named Him Albert

Lydia Gavin, GA, USA
November 2001

I have been working in my office for about 6 months now. When I first started working at "ADV" nothing out of the ordinary happened. About three or four months ago I started hearing things running inside the walls around my office. I thought it was a mouse, so I asked the maintenance crew to check for mice and put down some traps.

About a week after that I started to hear tapping on the door frame leading to my office, so I got up and looked to see of someone was playing a trick on me, there was no one even remotely close to my office. So I decided to chalk it up to pipes or something. Well a little while after the tapping came the radios.

There is a room that you have to go through to get to my office and in that room is a table and two radios. Well one morning one of the radios kept turning it's self on, I looked and found that it was unplugged and the switch was turned off. I was really scared so I shut my office door. I could still hear the radio turning on and off but I thought that if the door was shut whatever was turning the radio on and off wouldn't come in.

Around noon that day I walked out of my office to go upstairs to the break room and I happened to see one of the maintenance men, so I asked him to look at the radio. He took the batteries out of the back, which were full of corrosion and said that the radio should be fine. I went back to my office and once again I heard the radio turn on and off only this time it was the other one. I went out to the room and looked to see what was going on. I picked up the second radio and looked to see where you put the batteries, there was no place to put batteries and the radio was not plugged in.

These three occurrences continued for about a month and I just got used to it. Then he started to mess with my printer. I typed up a memo for the office and shop and when I went to print the memo the printer printed 5 pages of symbols. It changed the font to types of symbols like Wingdings and nothing matched what had printed out. I finally acknowledged that he was here in my office and he seemed happy with that. I call him "Albert", not sure why but he doesn't seem to mind. He doesn't try to get my attention that much anymore, but when he does want to let me know that he's here he usually touches me. It feels like a cool soft breeze brushing against me. I found out that our company was built on an old farm. I think Albert use to live here and just hangs around. Sorry this was so long, I hope you enjoyed it though.

Lydia Gavin, GA, USA
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