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I Ran 2km To Get Away From There

Daz, Victoria, Australia
February 2006

Hi and thankyou for reading this story. If there are young children around I suggest that you tell them to leave them room.

This happened to me about a year back in march 2005.
I was on a vacation at Echuca-Moama near the Murray River, north of Victoria and we had booked at a caravan park about 3km out of town.

I was out late one night riding my bike around with my little brother so we could see the caravan park at its' full. I wanted to go in the morning but he nagged for a long time and I agreed. We rode down by the river for a while and he was getting bored so we decided to head back up to the caravan park. When we got to the top of the hill (the one leading down to the river) we saw nothing but darkness and a long field or pasture or something along those lines as far as we could see. He immediately jumped on to me and pointed to a really dark patch in the field. I looked to see nothing so I told him to relax and to go back down the hill and ride towards the caravan park. He got to the bottom and yelled out he didn't know where we were. We were lost, but that was the least of my worries as the next 10 seconds changed everything.

As I stared at the dark spot I saw something emerge from the darkness, kind of like a huge bear-like thing. I literally you-know-whatted myself and slowly stepped backwards to hear the loudest and most shrill cry ever to this day and saw it start to move at me. I screamed and ran down the hill, not even thinking to get on my bike, grabbed my little brother and told him to run as fast as he could. He wouldn't go because he had left his bike at the top of the hill. I told him to jump on my back and he did.

We got back to the cabin and didn't go out of the park for the rest of the holiday. We went back the next day only to find his bike with huge claw marks and holes, most likely from teeth as they were pretty small. I have never gone near there again.

Daz, Victoria, Australia
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