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I Still Hate Dolls

Amy, CA, USA
April 2002

I have a few stories to tell that begin with my experience with a doll around age 7. To start with I can tell you that I have never been very fond of dolls. Even when I was a small child, I loved all kinds of normal, "girlie" things, but I could never stand dolls. I never knew exactly why, but I can remember being afraid of them, especially the porcelain dolls. I always felt like they were watching me or even glaring at me for some reason. I don't quite remember how I obtained this one doll. The UGLIEST doll you can imagine. You might remember her, she had really scraggly, short, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and a pink dress. She didn't talk, but I think she may have closed her eyes when you lay her down. I could not stand to be near this doll, and so I put her in the toy box with my other stuffed animals and never played with her. One day, I was upstairs playing in my room, and I heard the phone ring. Since both of my parents were outside, I went to answer the phone. I said "Hello", and there was no one there. I kept saying hello and there was no response, so I just went back to my room. To my absolute horror, that doll was sitting up on my bed, smiling at me with that retched hair and evil gleam in her eyes. I screamed and ran outside as fast as I could. I ran into the garden, sobbing and cried to my parents that my brother was playing tricks on me. My Mom said, "Amy, your brother is at baseball practice." Well, that was it for me. I told my Mom what happened, and she came upstairs with me and the doll was just laying on the bed, like someone had left it there. I didn't care, I bawled my eyes out and begged my Mom to get rid of it, which, of course, she did.

Now, fast forward 15 years later. When I met my husband's parents, I was slightly disturbed to discover #1, his Mom has a collection of about 500 (no kidding) dolls all throughout the house, and right in the corner of their living room, was an enormous doll...a 2 and a half foot version of the very same doll that had frightened me as a child! Thankfully, they eventually put it in the cellar for me (his Mom never really liked that doll either). Oh yeah, by the way, it just so happens to be the same doll that they used in Amityville Horror!

I've had other strange things happen to me, but one of the experiences that really stands out is when I was in college. My roommate and I had both had some encounters with the Ouija board that left us intrigued and curious about it. We didn't have a board on hand, so we improvised by drawing the board out on the tile floor and using an upside down glass as a "planchette." We weren't expecting much, but boy were we in for a surprise.

We contacted a spirit who called himself Cass. He died in an automobile accident at a young age. Cass was very sociable and we would play games with him. Silly games, like we would ask what color underwear I had on and I would go run and check and it would say a different color than what I had on. Well, sure enough I would check again, and I swear the color had changed. The best part about Cass is that he would ask us questions, which was an experience neither of us had ever encountered before and it was fun to converse with him. Eventually he would do funny things like turn our blow dryer on, turn the stereo on and off, and hide things on us. We would get a little freaked, and later that night, we'd ask him if he was the one who turned the blowdryer on (for example) and it would spell out HA-HA-HA.

Soon, a lot of people were hearing about our mischievous spirit and coming to watch us play. He started to do the neatest thing, he would spell out the last 4 digits of our phone number, and the phone would ring. I would get up to answer the phone, naturally no one was there. This happened so many times that I actually got the phone and brought it over to where we were sitting. It wasn't until that point that we really made the connection between the last 4 digits and the phone ringing. We asked if he could do it again, and it went to 8-0-4-2...BRRRIIIIING! I picked up the phone and heard the strangest sound I've ever heard, it was extremely high pitched and low pitched at the same time. And then the line went dead. People actually ran out of the room screaming on more than one occasion.

I kept diligent notes while my roommate and a friend would connect with Cass. When those two played, that glass would whizz around like you wouldn't believe (he eventually got so scared he went to his pastor who instructed him to stop playing, and he did). Cass always used the same medium circular motion whenever we played. One night, my roommate and I were playing and Cass said he was tired and had to rest. So we started playing with another spirit, who did an odd thing. He tried to convince us that he was Cass. Except for one thing...he went in a fast figure 8 pattern. Suddenly, there was a jolt of energy and the normal circular pattern to the left came through and as fast as humanly possible, it spelled out DON'T PLAY. We ditched that game immediately! But I always thought it was cool that Cass was looking out for us that night.

Well, unfortunately, one of our dear friends did not believe in such things. We invited him to come and watch Cass perform his "phone trick" and he always came up with amazing, true facts about people in the room. Our friend witnessed, and then wanted to play. He asked some normal questions, and then he asked him when he was going to die. We told him not to ask that question, but he did anyways. He got an answer of March 13th. Our friend got very angry for some reason and hurled the glass across the room and stormed out. That very friend, committed suicide within three days of Cass's prediction. I know because I made a note of it and went back and checked. We stopped playing after that, and we never heard from Cass again.

Amy, CA, USA
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