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I Swear That There's A Duck In Our Living Room

July 2004

Hello to all of the believers out there. I hope that you'll find this experience a little more creepy than humorous, but who am I kidding, the title alone is already enough to make you laugh your butt off.

You're probably thinking that the person who wrote this has serious mental issues, and believe me you're not alone in thinking that, because my family is thinking the exact same thing. But now it's time for me to get on with my story.

This happened to me when I was about 5/6.
We were living in a two bedroom trailor at the time, so my two brothers and I had to share a room (how sorry is that). I shared a bed with my older brother Randy and my younger brother Timmy slept in a trundle bed on the floor next to our bed. It was somewhere in between 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning and I was just lying in bed thinking to myself. I wasn't sleeping very well because I had a strange feeling ever since I got into bed that night. So I was just laying there, letting my thoughts wander when all of a sudden from the living room I hear this loud "QUACK" and I just froze with shock while the loud quacking continued. I thought that at any moment a huge duck was going to waddle into my room and flutter onto my bed and snap my nose off.

After about ten minutes of listening to the persistent quacking I finally decided to get up to investigate. After forcing myself with all my courage I sat up in bed, crawled over my brother, and began to walk silently across the room, and as soon as I reached the hallway the quacking suddenly stopped. I stood there for a moment listening to see if it would start up again, but it never did. So I cautiously entered the living room and clicked on the sidetable lamp beside the couch then began looking in every direction for the duck responsible for making the loud quacking. But there was none to be found.

I checked under and behind all the furniture and even in the kitchen, but there was nothing. I also looked out of the living room window and out the front and back doors to see if there was a stray duck roaming around outside, but still nothing. And even if the quacking had been coming from outside it wouldn't have been so loud.

At that same moment it just hit me that everyone else was still asleep! Now don't get me wrong, but that quacking was loud enough to wake the dead! And it shocked me beyond belief that no one else had heard it. So after a last minute inspection I decided to go back to bed, and no sooner had my head hit the pillow that the quacking abruptly started up again, louder than ever. And at that point that was about all I could take. I immediately sat up in bed and began to whisper loudly in Randy's ear, "there's a duck in the living room" I paused for a second and realised that the quacking had stopped, but I wanted to wake him up anyway.

After about a minute or so I finally managed to nudge him awake. He asked what was the matter, and after explaining what had happened for about the third time he still asked me what was the matter. And in mixed panic and frustration I said in a rather louder whisper, "I swear that there's a duck in the living room!" After gaping at me for what seemed like minutes he finally told me that I was crazy and shouldn't have woken him up. But I ignored it and just told him to shut up and listen for a minute. So he sat up and listened for about five minutes, then after telling me I was crazy one last time, went back to sleep.

I sat and listened for a few more minutes, but nothing happened. I then lay back down and tried to make myself go back to sleep, but sure enough the quacking started once again. I pulled the covers up over my head and began to pray that the quacking would stop. After about ten minutes the quacking finally stopped and I never heard it for the rest of the night. And for the rest of the time that we lived at the trailor I never heard the mysterious quacking again.

Thanks for taking the time to see what this crazy had to say. But note that this crazy person is being truly honest. I swear to that.

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