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I Wore Those Shoes When I Died

Holli, Nevada, USA
April 2005

When I was born I had a lot of health problems and Doctors didn't expect me to live past 5 years old.

When I was about 3, my mom, dad and myself were in their walk in closet cleaning it out. I was looking in boxes and found this old (1950's) picture of a little girl with curly blonde hair. It was mounted on a wooden back and very "blah" colors. I looked at my mom and said, "Hey mommy, that's me." Then I pulled out a plastic bag with little white shoes in it and continued saying, "And these are the shoes I was wearing when I died." She flipped out. Little did I know that the girl in the picture was my dad's sister who was killed when she was about 4 or 5 by being hit by a bus. Those were indeed the shoes she was wearing when she was hit.

That's just the first thing.

My mom was heavily into witchcraft and she always said that I had some of the "power" persay from her.

We moved into a creepy house when I was 11 on the northwest side of Vegas. Within a year, my mom's health starting failing and she developed emphysema. Throughout the day you would hear people running upstairs and playing, even though there was only one bedroom upstairs with a loft and one bathroom.

Other days, red glowing balls would float down the hallway and vanish into the tile flooring. January 7, 1998 I was in the in my room (I took the master upstairs because mom had trouble climbing the stairs). There were 3 additional bedrooms downstairs. That night I remember distinctly trying to get to sleep, when I looked over towards the bathroom door. There was a large dark figure wearing a white robe staring at me. I thought it was my sister, so I starting telling her to take my robe off and get out of my room. "She" didn't answer me, that was when I realized that it wasn't my sister. The figure was TOO tall to be her, the robe had a hood (mine didn't) and there was no face, it was pitch black in the hood. I was frozen in bed with this thing looking at me. Finally, I jumped up and ran to the loft where my sister was watching TV. She told me I looked like I just saw a ghost (hmm I did).. We went RUNNING down the stairs. When we told my mom, she said it was coming for her and realized it's mistake when she wasn't in that room. She died 2 years later to the day.

Other things happened.

You could see the reflections of people in the tv's, shadows darting around, children crying and baby toys floating around, even though there wasn't a kid living there. We later found out that the house was doomed for spirits. #1, it was built on an Indian burial ground, #2, there was a man decapitated while building it and #3, the mother that lived there before us, killed her infant child.

Holli, Nevada, USA
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