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Icy Windows

K. Lewis, Illinois, USA
February 2000

This story I'm about to tell you happened about a year back. I still get goose bumps as I recall the dreary dark night.

It was around 11:30pm and I couldn't sleep so I started staring out the 2nd story bedroom window looking at frost built up from the cold. I could make out a word, it said "leave", I stared longer and a second word appeared, it said "your room". I thought I must be seeing things so I sat up. I was getting a horribly creepy feeling that something was wrong. As I stared it said the bone chilling message "or die". I ran out of my room, as I was rounding the hall I heard a loud crash. I kept running to my brothers room, he went back with me to my room, the ceiling had caved in from all the snow we had gotten, right on top of my bed. I would surely have died. I still don't know if I imagined it all, as when my brother looked at the window, it was clear of any letters or words. This is a true story.

K. Lewis, Illinois, USA
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