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If I Had Only Turned Around Sooner

Laurie Cory, Georgia, USA
December 1998

Several years ago I started a new job teaching special needs children. One of my first jobs was to help the school move all their belongings into a new building they had bought (the building used to be an old elementary school). We had been at the school for several weeks with nothing out of the ordinary happening until one day...

I was standing out in the hallway talking to one of my students when I felt someone come up behind me. I thought it was another teacher so I was going to finish talking to the child first before turning to see what they wanted. I talked to the child for about 5 more minutes when the person behind me sighed very heavily like they were getting impatient with me for ignoring them. I turned quickly to the person to see what they wanted and there was no one there! There was no place for them to have gone because the hallway was completely empty. I even went to the other classes and asked "did one of y'all need me for something?" No one had left their classroom all morning...I still wonder who or what was wanting to talk to me.. If I had only turned around sooner I might have had the chance to find out!

Laurie Cory, Georgia, USA
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