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Image From The Past

Anonymous, NC, USA
December 2009

My grandfather swears the story to be true. He would always tell it to me and my cousins growing up. He claims he encountered the woman twice. It was in the late nineteen fifties. My great-grandfather had just passed away and my grandmother had gone to stay with my great-grandmother who was in mourning. Her house was right up the road, so it was in walking distance. My grandfather was asleep in his guestroom when he heard a woman crying and saying, "They wouldn't let me in. They wouldn't let me in."

My grandfather woke up from the sound and walked out into the hall and thinking it was his wife (my
grandmother). He said, "Now why wouldn't your mother let you in the house?"

He then saw her and noticed her clothes where out-dated and like my grandmother at the time was also pregnant, but he could not see her face because she had her hands over it and was sobbing into them. She kept repeating the haunting words, "They wouldn't let me in. They wouldn't let me in."

The woman did not even seem to notice my grandfather. She then turned into the living room and then walked right through the wall and disappeared. Then there was silence. It was impossible. It could not have happened. My grandfather turned on all the lights. There was just no way she could have walked right through the wall. Who was the woman?

He did not tell the story to anyone for years. He thought people would think he was crazy. Years later he talked to someone who knew about the previous house which shared its foundation with the newer house. My great-grandfather had torn it down, kept the foundation and built a new house upon it. The person told him the front door used to be in the exact spot in the living room the apparition had walked through. He never even told that person about the incident, but it put that much more truth into the story.

Years later my grandfather was up stairs working in his room when he heard the sobbing again and those same haunting words, but this time it seemed fainter than before. My grandfather just chuckled and said to himself, "There's that woman again." It seems it just played the same incident in time over again. It must have had something to do with my grandmother being pregnant because she was pregnant with my aunt that time. He believes that the woman must have been pushed away from her family for being with child and not being married. It would have been a common thing in the eighteen hundreds in which her clothes seemed to date back to. It must have been a horrific event for her image, cries, and feelings to be trapped in time and to replay themselves over and over time after time.

Anonymous, NC, USA
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