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Image of The Lost Boyfriend

Julie, NC, USA
January 2002

Hey, I would like to start off by saying that through most of my life I have seen things that are strange, and somehow relate to the future. But I would really like to share this one with you because I found it very strange.

Around this time last month, I was very stressed about midterm exams, and upset because my boyfriend had just told me he had moved away and would no longer attend our current high school. It was strange because I thought he would at least stay a few days longer for exams...but I just put the thought in my mind that he moved away for something urgent and he had to leave for good, even though he never did explain the reason.

Netherless, I got through the weekend, trying hard to study and keep my mind off him-believe me, it was hard.

Finally, Sunday night came....the day before exams. I went to bed extra early so I wouldn't be too tired tommorow. I woke up around 1:00 in the morning and looked by my half open bedroom door to see a dark figure standing behind it. I wasn't scared, but I wondered who, or what it was?. The figure then stepped back a little bit...and I realized it was my boyfriend, or at least an image of him. I could tell it was him because the figure was tall had the same hair as him, and the face (from the side view looked like him). I wasn't really surprised either but I muttered "Lee what are you doing here??" and closed my eyes for a second, opened them again to see his glowing image floating towards me. This time, I fell asleep.

The next morning, I dragged into school and began talking to one of my friends in the hall. We were just talking, and then one of my other friends walked up to me with a horrified/ surprised look on her face. We both just looked at her, wondering what the heck was up. But then she told me something that I had least expected " Julie! Lee's back!" I frantically said "that can't be ! That can't be! he moved!" She told me that she had seen him in the hall. I then really freaked out and said "WHAT THE HECK??" told them good luck on exams and walked down the hall to look for him. I then realized she wasn't joking, and found him walking towards me smiling. Maybe my night was just a simple delusion from missing him so much...or maybe a sign for the future. Thanks for reading.

Julie, NC, USA
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