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Imaginary Killer

March 1998

In September 1994 Me and Mom and Dad moved into a New House. During the first week we moved in, a person who lived near our house, came over and told us all these stories about a Imaginary Killer the was in the house. Her name was Mrs. McGill. My Dad totally tossed the stories away and said "Yeah Right, an Imaginary Killer oooooh I'm so scared!" Then started laughing then we all laughed, but not Mrs. McGill. She then said "If that's what you think, then you'll see what happens" then she left the house.

What she did tell us was: About 30 years ago, a young girl name Sally, her mother and twin brothers lived in this house. There was this man, named John Bershaw in town that had a crush on her and wanted to marry her. But she already had a boyfriend, and John knew it. One day he came to her house, she invited him into the house, and they sat in the living room and chatted for a while. Then John said "Sally, may you be my wife?" she just stared at him for awhile, then she said "John.....I can't" then John asked why, then she told him that her boyfriend had already asked her, and she had said yes. John, in jealous rage pulled out a gun, and shot the girls brothers. Her mother wasn't in that room, she was in the kitchen. When her mother heard the shots, she hid. But Sally started to cry and then John grabbed Sally and made her go in the attic, she then was shot in the attic.....They never did find her body. John's ghost lives here, and the same with Sally and her brothers. John kills every person who moves into this house..." Then I said "How do you know all this??" then Mrs. McGill said "I was Sally's Mother. Sally McGill's Mother." then we all were like like 'oh'. Well then Mrs. McGill said that she had to go, and to watch out. Then She left.

About a Week after that, my Dad and I had to go in the Attic, which I didn't want to go but I had to. So there we were, in the Attic. My Dad didn't believe in Mrs. McGill's Story, so he thought nothing of it. But I said, for no reason what so ever "Sally, It's ok...don't cry" then my Dad turned around and said "What!?" then I looked confused and said "What?" then he said "You just said 'Sally, it's ok...Don't cry", then I was really confused...I didn't say that...Or did I? So we just forgot about it and started to look around, then I saw a trunk. I opened it and screamed, their She was....scrunched into a Little ball, legs cut off (I guess her legs wouldn't fit..) and same with the arms and head cocked to the side and eyes froze open. It was such a sick sense. We didn't call the police, we didn't call anyone...Only Mrs. McGill. She came into the Attic, saw the body and said "Yes, that's Sally.." then started to cry. Then, someone I know my father could see picked Mrs. McGill up by the neck and we heard (including Mrs. McGill) someone say "I guess I missed Lil Ol' Mom..Didn't I?" then we all heard a scream "NO!" then Mrs. McGill was thrown to the floor then we heard a bang like someone was being banged against the wall, then things were being knocked over and then BANG a gun shot, then a thump to the floor. Mrs. McGill said "Sally?" then a voice said "Yes, Mother",a white figure appeared, it was Sally (she had her arms and Legs!). Sally Held out her hand, her mother did the same and a huge bright yellow light glowed, then faded. Mrs. McGill was Gone....

The next day, we were told...Mrs. McGill had died...Yesterday....

We got the hell out of the House...about a week later...

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