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In Grandpa's Care

Christine, AZ, USA
July 2001

I was 21 when it occured. I lost my father in the spring of 97' April to be exact. It was a sudden death from a massive heart attack. I was 7 months pregnant with a little girl who doctors told me would not survive delivery due to major abnormalities.

In May of 97' I was induced and gave birth to my daughter. Only a month to the day of my fathers passing. After holding my daughter for 10 min before they rushed her to NICU where she would live what little life she had left in her the nurse came in to tell me my little girl had passed and wanted to know if I would like to say my good-byes. I told her that wouldn't be necessary because I already told her how I felt.

Later that day they moved me from the maternity ward to another floor in the hospital. It was late after my husband went home I was sitting in the room watching TV waiting for the nurse to take my final blood pressure for the night. All of a sudden the room got ice cold and I could feel a presence there but I wasn't scared just comforted. I sat on the bed and just was amazed how the hurt seem to ease up a little bit. I saw something move in the mirror and since I was the only one in the room I knew that I didn't it. All of a sudden right next to me where I was sitting the edge of the bed sunk in. Still I wasn't afraid just comforted. To my surprise my fathers figure appeared along with his scent, I couldn't say anything, just began to cry. He turned and looked at me and said "Don't worry I will take care of her till you see her again". His mouth didn't move but his voice was so clear.

From that day forward I didn't feel the sadness, just great comfort in knowing he came back for his granddaughter to take care of her.

To this day there are nights I hear a baby crying followed by the feeling of my fathers presence

Christine, AZ, USA
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