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In Her Room

Cassandra Redgrave, CA, USA
April 2009

When I was in Junior High I met my best friend, Jessica. About a month after we became good friends, I spent the night at her house... little did I know it was a night that would haunt me forever. We decided to stay up pretty late that night, watching horror movies and talking about ghosts. Jessica than told me that her house was haunted. I am a total believer in all supernatural things, and as a matter of fact, strange things had been happening at my house too. She told me that at her bedroom window, a man who was in a bad state of decomposition would stare at her, not saying a word. It scared her so bad that she would scream at it to leave her alone, than he would just walk away.

We also started talking about other things that have happened to her when, we both noticed a reflection of a person on one of the pictures hanging in her hallway. We were the only ones home at that time, but all that night we saw it pass by then disappear. We finally decided to listen to some music in her room with the door closed so we wouldn't get too freaked out by her dark hallway. We started talking about the ghosts haunting her room. She said that every time she tried to kill herself (she takes Lithium but it doesn't really help) that she would see her friend who killed himself, and he would tell her not to do it.

Then I being such a bigmouth said, "What would you do if he was standing right in that corner?" Just then, the lights go out! I was sitting on the floor and she was on her bed... but, not for long because she jumped on the floor with me and she grabbed me arm really tight. The first thing we saw was on the ceiling, a black shadow figure that looked tattered and torn. The second was in the corner I pointed out before. It was a man, or at least the shape of one in a transparent, light blue color not a full bodied apparition.

Our legs went numb, and then I realized something, the black shadow had been in my room, haunting me for about a month when I was awake and in my dreams. I remembered that I had read in a book that the more afraid you become, the scarier it seems, and evil spirits feed off of our fear. After telling her this, we got the hell out of there feeling light headed and dizzy but, it was a lot better than being in her room.

In 2007, Jessica and I were hanging out with some of our friends by her swimming pool. Her brother's dog started barking and growling, I don't know if anybody else noticed nor felt like there was some sort of creepy feeling in the air but, I was too scared to tell them that the dog was barking at nothing. He then stopped for a few seconds than we heard someone, a woman breath out but then got choked off as if she was gasping for air. We all ran at high speed into the house and out of breath, we just looked at each other in disbelief. Arming ourselves with butcher knives and meat cleavers we headed back to Jessica's room, she told me a few more stories.

When she was six-years old, she got up for school and was going to take a shower when she heard her mother's voice coming from somewhere in the dark house. She saw her mom stand in the hallway and she asked Jessica what she was doing. She went to turn on the light and when she did, no one was there! She turned it off again and there her mother was. Jessica didn't take a shower that day.

One time last year, our friend Fred was asleep on Jessica's couch and she didn't want to wake him up so she, left her bedroom door open so that she could hear him if he needed anything. Fred woke to a woman holding his hand, but it wasn't was her mom! (her mom was out of the state at the time) When Fred came running in to the room, he claimed that he had just had a bad dream, that was until Jessica told him the story of her mom appearing in the house when she doesn't even live there anymore.

Just this year, I helped Jessica move into a house just down the street from her old house. When we walked in we were greeted by a large crucifix and mental hospital-like decor and hallways. Later that night while returning a chair to the living room, I saw a face in her T.V., one that was not my own. Her brother complained of the feeling of being watched in his room as he tried to fall asleep, but he ended up sleeping in the same room with us. Her sister also had a strange thing happen to her, she hung up a picture of herself on the fireplace mantle, and out of nowhere, it came flying off of the shelf. Although it was cold and windy outside, the patio doors were shut and there are no windows in that room.

I haven't visited Jessica in a while, but all I can say is her house is not the only thing that is haunted.

Cassandra Redgrave, CA, USA
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