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In New Jersey or Columbia?

David Curruchich
January 2009

Hi my name is David and I am 14 and I have been visiting my aunt ever since I was a baby. She is a very positive person and she brings a lot of force to her. She had many encounters with spiritual relatives but this is one I experienced with my uncle. My aunt's mom had just passed away in July. My aunt went to Columbia to attend the funeral. I did not go cause of school and I stayed with my uncle at the house. It was a Tuesday and it was during the summer. It was about 7:00 PM and we heard walking in the attic. In this house there is a living room and right directly across it are the stairs that lead upstairs. Well anyway back to the story. We started to hear someone go down the stairs and then we heard it walk to the kitchen. I was very frightened. Then as it started walking back up the stairs it stopped and then it left. About 20 minutes later someone was walking down the stairs. This time it wasn't just the noises but it was my grandma, my aunt's mom. This is probably the freakiest part of this experience. My aunt came back on Friday and told us everything about her visit to Columbia. She then told us that on Tuesday she had a paranormal experience and a dark figure came to her side and grabbed her and my aunt couldn't move and she had a hard time breathing. She screamed and it finally left. She then told us that she heard someone coming down the stairs and right there was her mom. They were both looking at each other.

I still visit my aunt every weekend. I haven't yet experienced anything again and hope I never will.

David Curruchich
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