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In The Dark

Laura, NJ, USA
June 2000

These stories aren't long, and might not seem like the very very scary kind of story. But it scared me.. I'm sure it would scare you if you were in my shoes.

One night I was in my room downstairs (I'm not in that room anymore.. too many things have happened there) and I woke up from a pretty heavy sleep. I looked up and saw a huge black patch on my wall. It was shaped like a spider, but it was like 30 times the size of my head. I was petrified. I jumped out of my bed unable to scream so I ran out of my room and woke up my parents. They didn't believe me. So I walked cautiously back to my room. It was still there so I ran back to my mom and begged her to come and look. She got up and started screaming at me because it wasn't there. She left and I got back into bed, but I couldn't fall asleep I was so scared.

That wasn't the last time I've seen it either. One time after that I was getting out of bed to get a glass of water and and when I was about to put my foot on the floor a black figure came out from under my bed. I pulled my foot back up as fast as I could. I waited a while and I didn't see it so I put my head over the bed. It came back out and started running around the room. I pressed my back against the wall and closed my eyes. After a while I opened them and nothing was there. I put my hand out this time and it jumped out. I screamed but no one woke up.

The figure wasn't there when I remember looking again. I thought if I yelled and jumped out of bed then I could turn on the light and see what it was. So just as I was about to do this my uncle walked into the room and asked what the matter was. He started to walk to my bed and I looked to the ground just in time to see the figure dash out of my room. I ran to my uncle and said I had a nightmare. I knew that if I told him he wouldn't believe me.

I have seen this thing many more times. Not just at night anymore. It goes many places I do. But it usually appears when I am the only on around. My sister has seen this figure also.

Laura, NJ, USA
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