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In The River

October 2004

This happened about 2 years ago when there seemed to be a lot of paranormal activity in my house, which strangely decreased shortly after all of this took place?

I had often been waking up in the middle of the night to strange noises (footsteps, scratching, and rolling) on the roof of my house that seemed to be coming from directly over my bed. Although they did unnerve me a little, I told myself it was just one of the many stray cats that often wandered around my house. I eventually did convince myself all the noises I was hearing were simply cats or some other animal that had chosen my roof as its late night stomping grounds, but soon the noises became more persistent and much louder than they had been. I would often hear loud stomps that would even shake dust from the ceiling.

A couple weeks after all of this started the nights started to become brisk and cold. So I had started to turn on an old gas powered heater that sat in the corner of my room, one which I had used almost all of my life without any incidences (paranormal or otherwise). If I remember correctly, just one night after I first turned on the heater I started seeing a little girl dressed in a white gown seemingly trying to heat herself with the old heater that sat in the corner of my room. For some reason, she did not frighten me half as much as any of the noises I had heard on the roof. She almost seemed more afraid of me than I was of her, quickly turning away and disappearing as soon as she noticed I was looking at her.

After a few more sightings of this young girl, I awoke in a cold sweat, as if I had just had a nightmare. Then I started hearing whispers emanating from the space between my bed and the wall. I listened intently for a what seemed like a couple minutes, but I'm sure was no more than thirty seconds. Then the voice grew a little louder and I finally made out what it was saying, "I'm in the river". As soon as I had deciphered the soft whisper, the voice stopped as if it knew I had understood what it had been repeating over and over.

Now there is only one river next to my house, which is about two blocks away. Since it was only around 12:45 am I decided to take the short stroll over and see if there actually was anything in the river. When I got over to the bridge, something urged me to go to the right side of the bridge. So I stood there looking out over the dark water when I noticed a faint white light about forty or fifty feet away from where I was standing. As I stared at it, it grew brighter and brighter, until it looked like someone was pointing a large flashlight over at me from just underneath the surface of the water. Curiosity soon took over, and I hopped over the guardrail and made my way down to the bank of the river to get a closer look. When I got down to where the light was, it soon started fading away, until I was just staring at the dark water again. It seemed like, whatever it was, just wanted someone to acknowledge its existence. After waiting a couple of minutes I decided to make my way over to the bridge and walk back down to my house.

I never saw the girl standing by my heater again, and I was only woken up once by scratching on the roof one time afterwards, that time it probably was just a stray cat.

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