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Indian Cemetery

Oklahoma, USA
March 1999

This is a story told to me by my brother and I believe it to be very true.

One night my brother and some friends went out to an old Indian Cemetery just to look around. They thought it would be fun (wrong). In the middle of the cemetery there is an old caretakers house. One of those one room houses built to house one person. My brother (lets call him Bill because he doesn't like to talk about this stuff anymore) and his friends decided to investigate the house to see if there was anything left behind. This cemetery had not been used for a long time.

Bill said he felt as though someone or something was watching him from the minute he walked in the door. He stood looking around for awhile just watching his friends dig through some old papers on the floor. The longer they were there the more intense the feeling became. As he looked over at his best friend Jack he saw an old woman standing over him like she was reading over his shoulder. Bill described the woman as wearing a long skirt and peasant blouse, she had beaded boots on her feet. All the sudden there were more spirits walking around, one or more following each of his friends around. Bill started to get the feeling that they should get out of there fast. He said he finally got everyone to believe what he said and they left. To this day he will not talk about it or go back to the cemetery.

Oklahoma, USA
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