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Indian Experience

Dasan, Madras, India
May 1998

Ireally cannot say what the whole thing is about, but this my experience.

Way back I came to India from Malaya on a holiday and had gone to the village from where my father came. It was a small very dusty hamlet and the house I was staying at was the only brick house. I was a picture of a child at the age of six or seven. I was sleeping that night along with my brothers, sister and mother. That night it was a full moon and so the night was very clear with the light from the moon shining upon everything. I came down from the 1st floor to pass urine on the road that was running in front of the house. To my surprise I saw a small boy, dark in complexion playing with the sand on the road. He was the boy from the house opposite to the place I was staying. I observed him carefully and since the night was silent and moonlit I could see everything as real as could be. I remember seeing the shadow of a small tree that stood in front of the house. Thinking nothing strange of this scene I went back to sleep. In the morning I suddenly remembered that the boy who I saw playing had died sometime earlier. I told this story to my mother who did not want to say anything, but she remembers that I had got up and had gone down stairs during the night. This is a true incident as I can remember the incident in details. Hope the exchange of this experience would help me to understand the world of spirits, which I really believe do exist. I have also a few more experiences somewhat similar. Will keep those for another time.

Dasan, Madras, India
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