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Indian Massacre

November 2002

I live in Northern California, in a place that is alive with activity. When we first moved in, I noticed some strange rock formations running through the property, almost like a large creek or river ran through here at one time.

Our first night in our home, I thought I heard my kids running all around, so I yelled out to them to go to bed, my husband heard this too. I then realized my kids where spending the night with their grandmother while we moved in. I thought this was strange, also the knocking on the front door at three in the morning was a bit out of the ordinary.

I got to know our neighbors and I commented on the strange rock formations in their yard. They asked me if anything unusual has happened at our place. I told her what happened the first night we were there, she just looked at me, then she said, "let me tell you what happened here".

She told me that in the 1800's and Indian tribe lived by these rocks, a creek actually did run through here. When the white men came seeking gold, the tribe was slaughtered (including children). A barn and stage coach stop were set up, the barn still stands today. Bones have been found on the property, my neighbor found a baby's skeleton under a rock in her yard. My neighbors have also had numerous hauntings in their home.

I took my metal detector out one day, I found old bullets and items from an old stage coach. However, when I was looking around the strange rocks, a strange feeling came over me. I couldn't breathe, the air was very heavy and still. I noticed you could not hear birds singing in the middle of the rocks, but the singing resumed once you stepped outside the formation.

I think it is very sad what happened to the native people who lived here and called this their home. I feel worse for the murdered children. However, very late at night, I can hear them laughing and running, and I smile.

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