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Insane Entity

Alice, Canada
January 2004

Hi I'm Alice, and I first want to express regret for this story, since it’s exceptionally lengthy, but I had to put in all the fine points or else it wouldn't make sense, and trust me, it’s worth the read. This happened whilst my friend, Dina, and me were having a sleepover at her past abode.

Okay, first of all, let me tell you something really bizarre and kind of freaky. You see, every time I went over to her house it rained. It might’ve rained really hard or just drizzle, but it always rained! So I came to her house and guess what, it was raining. We really wanted to find out why it always rained when I came over to her address so I brought over my Ouija board. We waited until it was dark (around 7:30 pm) and then we toke out my slat. We asked it why it always rained whenever I went over to her address, but all the Ouija board said was "midnight", after a long long time. Now we were sitting here thinking, "Ok, what the hell does Midnight mean???" We tried asking it what it meant by that but it didn't say anything else. So then we gave up and went to watch movies and stuff.

As you may already know, it was raining when I got to her house, but then at around 8:00 pm it stopped, and then it was lifeless outside.

The sleepover was going great, prank phone calls and scary movies and junk food filled the hours. Then her parents started to get a little irritated with the noise we were making so we went up to her room, and played with my Ouija board again. We asked it what it meant by "Midnight", but again, it said nothing. So we just went and started calling friends yet again. Then her parents came up to her room and told us to turn in for the night or at least turn out the lights and settle down because they really needed their forty winks, so we did turn out the lights and began to tell each other funny stories about ourselves and people we knew.

Now, before I tell you this part of the occurrence, I must describe some bits and pieces in Dina's room. Her room is sort of unusually shaped; kind of like a lower-case ?d.’ Her bed faces a large window, and over to the left of the large window is a clock and a mirror underneath the clock. So anyways we were both sitting on her bed in our PJ's, when we heard a familiar sound: The pitter-patter of little raindrops. I froze, swallowed hard, and looked at the time. It was 11:25 pm. I sighed, and looked at Dina. She looked just as startled as I was. "Thank god it isn't midnight, or else I would be totally freaked out." I said softly, listening to the rain grow harder as it struck her windowpane. "Yeah," Dina whispered, blinking twice. "I know what you mean."

After a while, we both calmed down and went back to telling each other funny stories. Then out of the blue Dina remembered my Ouija board. "Hey you wanna ask it again?" She said. "Ask it what?" I said, forgetting about the Ouija board for a second. "The "Midnight" thing." Dina replied. "Oh yeah," I said, remembering. "Sure." So we got out my board again, and Dina turned on her table lamp so there was some light in the room. "Hey how about instead of your lamp, we could open the window for light. Then it'll be really eerie, and it'll set the atmosphere." I said, grinning with the idea. Dina looked taken aback, and then said, a little halfhearted, "Ok sure....". She got up, turned off her lamp and opened the window. That was when we noticed that the light rain was a now dollop of water bursting heavily upon her window. "Wow," I said. "The rain sure did get harder." Dina just nodded her head. For a split second it was totally silent in her room. I stared up at the clock, noticing that is was now 11:52. Then all of a sudden, a loud beat of thunder beat down on the earth and a blinding strike of lightning shot out of the sky right after it. I gasped, not so much in fear as in revelation. "Come on," I said unsteadily to Dina. "Do you wanna ask it or not?" "Of course I wanna ask it." Dina said, sitting down on the carpeting under the window. I brought over the board and sat down as well. We both placed two fingers on it, and I asked it, for the third time, "What did you mean by 'Midnight'?" For a long time the board said zilch and we were about to give up when suddenly, we felt the planchette begin to drag itself over to the letter "H", then "E" and "L".... and then it stopped. I stared blankly at the board. "OK..." I said, "What does that mean?" Dina looked at me and shrugged. The board paused for a while before beginning to move again. It moved away from the letter "L" to a vacant space on the board, then again to the "L", and then to the "O". I blinked. "Hello???" Dina and me said at the same time, confused. Now, usually, in the movies, right after we say "hello" at the same time, lightning and thunder are supposed to appear and then a ghost comes... but that wasn't the case. The rain kept going though. I asked the board why it said that and it said, "Time". This puzzled me, until I looked up at the clock. It was MIDNIGHT. I gasped, and pulled my fingers off the planchette, flinging the board to the other side of the room. I stood up, and Dina did too and by the look on her face I could tell she was distressed.

In agreement on the fact that we no longer wanted to sleep in her room, we both began to make our way downstairs. By now the rain had become awfully fierce and the thunder and lightning had escalated. As we were on the stairs, we heard someone talking in Dina's room. We both stopped dead in our tracks. I was mid-step when I heard the words that were coming from her room. "Rain... make it all rain and fall down? down?. Down? falling down from the sky you breathe your last breath," it sounded like a raspy man's voice singing the song over and over like a broken record. I felt a shriek rise in my throat but when I tried to scream nothing more then a whimper came out. Dina grabbed my arm so tightly I thought it would fall off and then she shot down the stairs, dragging me down with her, into her bathroom. Dina locked the door and then when she looked at me I could see she was scared too. We heard those strange words again and then heavy footfalls coming down the stairs as the words continued and the voice became louder and more horrifying. I closed my eyes tightly and prayed to god that the sounds would stop, but this was reality and they didn't. The disembodied voice then said, "I’m coming, no matter what you do, I’m coming! Run! Run away before I get you!" I felt another scream rising in my throat, and this time it burst out of my body, a shrill, frightened scream. Then Dina slapped her hand over my mouth. "Shut up!" She whispered. I mumbled something to her but I don’t remember what I said exactly. "It isn’t a ghost." Dina said in a voice so quiet I could hardly hear it even though she was standing right beside me. "It’s probably a psychopath from a mental hospital, who escaped." She paused, licking her lips. She was acting valiant but I knew deep down she was probably even more scared then I was. "He doesn’t know where we are. If we stay quiet, he’ll most likely give up and leave." Dina paused again, then slowly backed away. "Now," She said, still quiet. "I’m going to take my hand off your mouth and you have to swear not to scream once more." I nodded quickly and Dina removed her hand. The whole time that we were talking to each other, it was completely silent, apart from the sound of rain pitter- pattering on the small bathroom window. We both stood together in the bathroom, waiting for something occur. I could feel beads of sweat rolling down my cheeks. I looked over at Dina. Her eyes were red and her fingers were twitching from fear. "Dina," I said gently. "I don’t think he’s going to leave until he finds us." Dina nodded and shifted as quietly as possible. Then we both hid in the bathtub with the curtain hanging over us like a drape, hiding us from our dread. That night, I had never experienced more fear in my life. I felt like time had stopped and all I had to do was wait? linger until the crazy fugitive mental patient or specter or monster or suchlike, came and killed the both of us.

For a few minutes it was silent. Until there was a quiet knock on the door, and a voice saying, "I see you, don’t think I don’t see, let me in! I’LL KILL YOU! LET ME IN!" the voice continued yelling at us and laughing chaotically as it screamed, banging on the door. Dina and me were both screaming. I thought it was the end for both of us. I don’t know how to explain the overpowering fear of knowing for certain that you are going to dir soon, and you can’t stop it. The sounds of the voice and the banging were driving me insane. I could no longer stand the fear. But then all of a sudden I did the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my whole entire life. I lunged out from behind the shower curtain, adrenaline pounding throughout my body. I slammed my whole body against the bathroom door, placed my hand onto the lock, quickly clicking the door open, all the while hearing the voice and feeling the sensations of the banging. I don’t know what came over me. I couldn’t stand the waiting anymore, because then I knew I was going to die soon, and I was tired. Weary of living my last few seconds out in terror. It’s unexplainable, I was exhausted and almost ready to be killed by whatever it was that was out there. I put all my weight onto the door, thrusting it open. Usually, in movies, as soon as I opened the door a grotesque looking phantom with one appendage and one leg and disfigured features and stuff would be waiting for me with a blade? but this wasn’t the case. I fell outside onto the plush rug in Dina’s lobby. Dina was still in the washroom. I listened for a while. It was dead silent. Not a sound, not even the rain or the typical sounds a house made. No body was there outside the door, or in the lobby, or anywhere in the house except her, her parents and me. It was as if our whole terrifying escapade on no account happened.

Swallowed up in shock, I crawled back into the washroom, powerless to stand. I was shaking and my entire body was pale, even the tips of my fingers, from panic. I unhurriedly opened the shower curtain, feeling feeble. Dina was huddled up, dead stiff and her skin solid white, in the bathtub. I could see her breathing, slowly and quickly. Her hands were both in fists by her chin; her arms close to her chest and quickly rising and falling as she breathed rapidly. Her teeth were clenched together hard, her eyes were wide and the pupils were minuscule. I don’t know what happened then because I think I passed out.

The next morning I was lying on Dina’s couch, a bedspread resting on me. Dina’s father was standing over me, his face a solemn frown. Dina was sitting on the other sofa, her mother hugging her and rubbing her shoulders. Dina, looking as petrified as ever, tears streaming from her eyes, looked at me, and she mouthed the words "I’m so scared". I nodded, shivering, the memory of the night before came flooding back filling my head with frightening imagery. Suddenly I felt like bawling. I sat upright, and sobbed. Dina’s parents toke hours to calm us down. Until finally we both stopped crying. Her parents began to ask questions.

"What happened?" Her mother asked. I could say naught. Neither could Dina. "Tell me now." Her mother said firmly. Dina opened her mouth slowly. "N-nothing happened." She whispered inaudibly. "Then why are you two so panic- stricken?" Her father asked us both. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. It was like I lost my voice that night. Dina just told her parents that a burglar had broken into the house and we just happened to be there. He harassed us and then left. Her parents asked if he toke anything, and we said no. Then they asked why we weren’t hurt if he had harassed us. We were silent then. They decided not to ask any more questions, and called the police. Dina and I just stared at each other, trying to figure out what to do when the police would come. The police did come, but said they found nothing stolen and no evidence of anyone breaking in. But Dina’s parents didn’t question us, although the police did. All we said was that he locked us into the washroom, but we told so many lies that we kept getting caught up in them, forgetting one lie after another, until the police finally gave up trying to get the truth out of us.

A month afterward Dina’s family moved houses. I asked why but they wouldn’t say. They still live in the town but to defend them from any media hype I won’t say where.

Dina now denies that any of that ever happened when people ask her about it, although we both talk about it in private. I talk about it without stinting, even though I fear people will call me crazy, but when I ask Dina in front of disbelieving people to back me up, she says, "You’ve got a wild imagination." But if you look closely, you could see her features grow pale and you could see her hands quiver from the remembrance of the hours of darkness when we encountered an insane entity.

Alice, Canada
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