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Instrument of Evil

July 1998

Inever did believe that the Ouija Board could be evil. But when I went to those websites on the internet. I was dead wrong to let my mom buy an Ouija Board. Yesterday I played the Ouija Board with my brother. Here is what it said:

Me: Are you a devil?
Ouija: Yes.
Me: Are you going to hurt us? Ouija: Yes.
Me: why?
Me: Is it because we worship Hindu gods?
Ouija: Yes.
Brother: What if we throw you in the lake?
Ouija: Good Bye.

That's what happened. Today I am feeling the presence of the devil and I also have shock pains. When the power was out last night after me and my brother played the Ouija Board I knew that the one of the devils was near me. Yesterday and today I am seeing things that I am not supposed to see. My eyes weren't playing tricks on me. Because I still feel the presence of the devil. Before when I still played the Ouija Board I heard sounds that weren't supposed to happen. I even heard someone saying my name. There are 2 things you need to know.

1. Ouija boards are instruments of evil.
2. devils use them to hurt people and ruin their souls.
All these things happened to me because I worship Hindu gods. That's all I have to say.

The Devil Becomes Annoying

It was a spooky, cold, and misty night. I was in bed thinking. When all of a sudden my facial hair on my arms went up. That is when I realized that the devil is back. I decided to ignore it. Hoping that I wouldn't become scared. When it called my name out I got really spooked. I looked from where the sound came from and I saw a shadow on the wall. I turned my head away quickly because the image scared the wits out of me. Then in the left corner of my left eye I saw a hand moving on the left side of the wall. That's when I got even more scared. I knew it wasn't my hands that moved, because my hands were under my head. Then I came to my senses and realized why be scared of the devil over and over again?, all it is going to do is simple scary things. I decided that this turned out to be annoying. I really wanted to yell at it. I wanted to yell "Get away from me , nobody likes you, back off, get lost, scram, you can't scare me, I'm tough, and I know it!" For some reason I didn't yell those things. Tomorrow I am going to call my friend and ask him if he can give me the Church's Minister's phone number. I am going to ask the Minister if he can bless my house.

The Final Disturbance

This story is about the final disturbance that I have experienced. It all started one day when I picked up my protection necklace from my friend. I was so thrilled. And fulfilled with joy. But when I got home wearing the necklace I got terrified again. Knowing that the evil spirit was there. I realized that I should have faith in my necklace. Because there is a guardian angel in it. Then the evil spirit got worse. It called my name and it shook my bed 2 times while I was in bed at night time. I saw it's shadow moving across the wall near my bedroom door. It was also making sounds. I was so terrified. Later that night I went to my mom and told her what happened. She told me she has this necklace that has a Hanumanji power protection in it. And it is so powerful. It protected me when ever I was alone. I also found out that other necklaces like that can also give you power. And I mean real power. The final disturbance was 2 days ago. I was angry, upset, scared, and filled with terror when the evil spirit was scaring the wits out of me. The guardian angel necklace wasn't powerful enough. It was only a little bit powerful. But the necklace I am wearing now is really helping me. Well, that's my story. This experience has scared me terribly. But there is one thing you guys need to know. Never, ever, buy an Ouija Board. It is a very, very, bad thing. And if you don't wanna be disturbed by a evil spirit, demon, or a devil then I suggest you don't buy the Ouija Board. And if a spirit says it is one of your dead relatives. Don't believe the spirit. It will lie to you. The spirit will be a evil spirit. Trust me on this. You don't wanna go through a nightmare.......................................

Thank You Justin Reems

My Guardian Angel's name is Justin Reems. He is my protector of all situations. I love him and admire him. Since I am wearing my protection necklace, it is still in the process of effecting my soul with the power of protection against all evil forces. This situation was very alerted to me and I was so frightened.

I was talking to my friend on the phone on a cloudy dark night. The full moon was high and blazing with beauty. As I was talking about how sad it is that school is about to start. I heard the 3 most alerted words in my whole life, "Get out, now!" Before I heard those words I shuddered with a cold feeling, assuming that the room was cold.

As I ran out of the room to the guest room with a cordless phone in my hands. I sat down on the sofa in the living room, confused. Then I realized by talking to my friend, that my Guardian Angel was there to warn me about the evil spirit coming into the guest room where I was talking on the phone before. A psychic fact popped into my head out of nowhere. It was a fact that meant the evil spirit was going to take over my body and soul and to make me hurt all the people I knew. After I thought about that fact I let out a sigh of relief realizing I am ok. This situation was very confusing and frightening. After talking to my friend I finally realized that it was my Guardian Angel that warned me. His name is Justin Reems.

Justin, I know you are standing right next to me because I am psychic. I would just like to say, thank you. Thank you so much for your help in that situation.
And god bless you :-)

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