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Invisible Hands

Kimberly PA, USA
July 2000

Hello my name is Kim, and I am 14 years old, well turning 14 this October 14.

My story happened when I was only 7 years old. My mom, brother, step-dad and I lived in the Pennridge district, and we had just moved into our new house, and let me tell you this house was pretty. It was more or less, apartments, but split into three sections of a whole house. Anyway, it was summer when we moved there, and I can remember this day, like yesterday, and it still baffles me every time I think about it. My brother and step-dad where down in the root cellar, and I was upstairs with my mother, and she was unpacking some of my stuff, when she asked for me to run down and get us some soda from the fridge.

So, doing what she told me to do, I was standing on the top step, hand gripped firmly on the banister, and asking her what kind she wanted, then unexplainably I fell right down the stairs.

My mother who was watching at the time said it was odd, because one minute I was standing there talking, and the next I did a somersault and was falling down the steps. I wasn't crying, but completely confused. My mom then came flying down the steps, and ran over toward me, and said," Oh my gosh sweety are you allright"? I just said," Yah, I am ok, but did you push me"? She said that she didn't, and I believed her because I am sure that no mom would push their seven year old daughter down the steps. That had got me wondering, was our house haunted?

The next day, mother fell down the steps, and she thought that somebody had pushed her, and of course nobody did, because my step-dad was in the kitchen cooking dinner, my brother was outside, and was in the backroom watching TV.

My mom and my step-dad are now divorced, and she is going to be married to a guy named Matt Fennell. He is really nice. I now live at my grandmothers house which I now attend Pennridge Central Middle School. But when ever we talk about it, we always say the same thing, we felt somebody put their hands on our back, and they pushed us down those steps. I'll never forget it. Not even in a life time.

Kimberly PA, USA
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