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Saira, Co Durham, UK
February 2007

My friend has always said that she is sensitive to the paranormal, although I am very interested in ghosts and hearing ghost stories nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened to me so I was very skeptical, until this one time.

It was about 4 years ago, I was round at my friends house (her nickname is "G"), we were in the kitchen and I was telling her how unhappy I was at that time, when she started telling me about a kitchen that contained all of these people who loved me! I didn't take any of this seriously but asked questions anyway, she told me that the kitchen cupboards were all very dark wood and that everyone was sitting around a very large table, laughing, talking and eating. Now to many this may seem strange but my father's side of the family are Italian so everyone sitting at a table laughing and eating isn't unusual for me. I did however find it very strange that G was describing to me a picture I had once seen in my Nan's photo album when I was around 8 years old, I remember it vividly as everyone looked so happy and it was taken at a relatives apartment in Italy. But G had never ever seen this picture and had never met any of my Italian family, so how could she describe it so accurately?

I went on to ask if my best friend Iris was there who had passed away the year before, her death had left me devasted as it had with everyone who knew her and I missed her terribly, she died suddenly and without warning so no one had had the chance to say goodbye to her, G said that Iris wasn't there, and despite myself and my ignorance to the supernatural I felt hurt!
By this time I had had enough and wanted to forget the whole thing so I tried to change the subject and make a cup a tea, whilst lifting the kettle G said very sharply 'watch out for your arm. I work out everyday and at that point in my life was training very hard to become a fitness instructor, I ignored what she said and continued to make the tea, when I sat down she asked me how Iris had died. Talking about Iris was very hard for me back then, so I had never divulged any information to anyone who didn't know her about her death.
I explained that Iris had had a heart attack whilst in the shower, G nodded and went on to say 'that explains why my chest is tight but it do sent explain why my head hurts so much', I then went on to explain that as Iris collapsed she hit her head on the taps in the bath, something that we all find hard to cope with as we never knew if she felt the pain from the blow to her head. G then told me that Iris had felt the pain, by this stage I felt sick, G then did something that made every hair on my body stand on end, she laughed at the tea I had made her, sparked up a fag and said 'that tea looks like nats p**s', this is what Iris did and said to me every time I made her a cup of tea, it was a standing joke, again something G could never have known as she had never met or been around Iris. I asked G why she said that, and she said that Iris was standing behind her, and that what G had said was what she heard Iris say.

That night left alot of my questions answered about how Iris is now, you see Iris was a florist and her hands were always a mess, I would always tell her to have a manicure but she would just scoff at me in her own loveable Iris way but in her afterlife G said her hands were perfect, she had red hair but her natural colour was brown, and her husband would visit her every Monday which when she was alive was their day off together, G knew all of this, how? My only explanation is that on that night in G's kitchen I was finally reunited with my beloved best friend.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Saira, Co Durham, UK
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