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Irmagarde Tator

Caitlin Artigliere, NJ, USA
December 2011

I’m sure many of people have used a Ouija board and some have had real contact with a spirit. I have personally never believed in them because you are scared and anticipating something to happen, so it’s only natural for someone to push the indicator. Despite my disbelief, I still sit down and use it whenever given an opportunity.

I am a freshmen in college and sometimes there is simply nothing to do. So my friends and I decided to make a Ouija board and try to contact the spirits in our dorm. After multiple failed attempts and people admitting to pushing the indicator to spell out profanity to get a laugh, we decided to try one more time. This time we turned off the lights and closed the windows. We asked if anyone was there... no response. We asked again, but this time something changed. A sort of coolness came into the room and gave me chills. It was not the windows because they were closed and it was not from a draft because it was 90 degrees that day.

The indicator started to slowly move to the yes. I of course did not believe it, even though I had felt a chill. Someone asked, "What’s your name?"

After a minute of dragging the indicator around the "ghost" had spelt out Nick. We asked him multiple other questions such as:

"Did you live in Irmagarde Tator?"


"How old were you when you died?"


"When did you die?"


"How did you die?"

It took the spirit almost five minutes to answer that question but when he finally did he said, "Drug overdose."

At that moment we heard a crash and jumped up to turn the light on. The plastic desk chair had been knocked over as if someone was sitting in it and had fallen over. It was at this moment that I started to have faith in a Ouija board.

I have always believed in ghosts and that if you mess with them, they can mess with you or attach themselves to you. Since our Ouija experience, each of my friends have either had dreams or weird experiences like chills or a sense of sorrow that has come over them for no reason. I had not had anything like this happen to me, yet.

One night my boyfriend came up and slept over, in the middle of the night I started to have a bad dream, but it was just me in nothing but a black surrounding. Then, out of nowhere a face came shooting out of the darkness saying "Watch out!" starting from a whisper and grew to a screech. At the moment when this face would have hit mine I woke up and in the corner of my room by the wardrobe saw a figure of a man waving and then it disappeared. Since I had woken up so suddenly I woke up my boyfriend also. When he asked me what was the matter I was too speechless to say anything.

Then he said, "Did you say something before you woke up? Because I heard someone whisper and then shout ‘Watch out.’"

Caitlin Artigliere, NJ, USA
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